There's something about Miriam ....

Anyone see this last night ???

For those of you in the US think - female ‘Joe Millionaire’ with knobs on … literally.

Basically what happens is a TV crew put ads in the papers and guys mags, advertising for 6 guys to compete against one another to win £10,000 and spend a week with a model on a luxury boat (can’t spell yatch or whatever …).

So they do … but the twist is that the ‘model’ they meet and are trying to win over isn’t in fact a girl but a guy!!!

She’s a mexican who has been taking hormones since she was 11 - and I’ll be honest I hadn’t a clue when I saw her - she looks damn good - boobies and all that going on.

Anyway seemingly the TV company had to pay the guys £60,000 each after the show was filmed allow them to air it and avoid legal problems…

Like what do you guys think … or even what do you girls think …

Would you have guessed ??

No… but I would be physically ill when I learned the truth. I sure hope the show is pulled and and that the producer will be ruined. The guys say they feel mentally raped, and I believe them. But, of course, male sexuality is always fair game in our feminist society. It makes me sick.

I have yet to see a transvestite or sex-changed where the eyes didn’t give away the truth. I guess they werent interested in his/her eyes…

But, of course, male sexuality is always fair game in our feminist society.

To true.

Did you see the picture Thor?

Yes i did and the eyes can’t hide that they belong to a man. It has something to do with the gaze, something that can’t be easily expressed in words.
And then there is the chin…

Let this be a lesson for all of you.

Grope before you kiss.