"The Zone Diet" by Dr. Spears


i read on Mo’s old hompeage that he used this diet, i.e.

I know - i m not Mo and have another body, but we are all humans…

So: Any experiences with this diet.
I heard its the most spreaded diet for sprinters.

And where can i get the book(great would also be an E-book)

Good book, great diet.

It’s not an out there diet. When you sit back and look at it, it makes a lot of sense and it’s a pretty easy sell. When we design diets for clients “I’m a personal trainer” we use the 40/30/30 ratio and the people that buy into it always see results.

The cool thing about it is that it’s pretty easy to learn and once learned it’s simple to stick to because it’s not out there like an Atkins or something.

Check on ebay for the book. If you’re in the US you can probably easily get it for under $10

THX for your experiences.

Does anybody excist who have the book in ebook format?

You can buy it at Amazon, but i m just a member in germany and have no credit card to pay at amazon.com

ebay germany doesnt have the book, so shipping needs a lot of time…

I would also take a look at “Paleo Diet” which have simmilar approach… Berardi uses both of this sutff outlined in his 7 principles of good nutrition articel aviable at t-nation.com… they are pretty simmilar.

i have been following it for about six months now and the results have been amazing. i swear by it!!

pjb you are from germany?


It costs around € 14 (paperback, 25 for the hardback) on this dutch site, and shipping to belgium was € 1,50… :wink:

I think that you can understand the most of the site as the language is similar to german/french/english. If you should have problems you can also let me know something :slight_smile:

you still need a credit card :s ask someone to buy it for you?

ok, and here on the german part of the site :slight_smile:


I have ordered it at ebay.de in German.

Its called “das optimum”. It will arrive at wed.

But thx for your help, maybe i gonna the original too.

i read the book. its great!

I wanna start with it, but i m concerned about the intake of calories. Its hardy over 1700kcal. Can this work without loosing muscles?

I know about his argumentation(body fat gives the energy) but what about experiences in this detail ?

regards, pjb

ordered the books too but I think Mo etc use the ideas behind it as a base but have a higher calories intake

same ratio: 40-30-30, same type of food but more calories

its funny because the low calories was my biggest concern at first but if you follow it well and eat consistantly you will not loose muslce. i was in the 215-221 range before it and now i am in the 198-205 range and my strength levels are the same if not better and people keep asking what i did to get bigger. i didnt get bigger, i got leaner. also, when you are eating massive amounts of green vegies to get your carbs, you will be eating tons of food, it just isnt calorie dense. give it a try, like i said, i swear by it!

ACBarchJr, I’m training atm 3-4 times/week, if I use the 0,8 or 0,9 protein requirement I come to 17 or 19 blocks (120 or 135gr protein). What do you think I should use?

35blocks + 22blocks = 19 or
35blocks + 21blocks = 17

If you have some nice and easy to prepare meals you can always post them here, can help me getting started :slight_smile:

Another thought I had while reading: do you still drink a post workout drink with high GI carbs? And is this drink calculated into your total blocks or an ‘extra’?

I started on the Zone Diet (Dr. Sears by the way ;)) a couple years ago. I got great results nearly immediately. About a year ago, I added in The Paleo Diet on top of it, so I was following a Paleo Zone. I’ve since dropped my carb intake a bit and upped the fat and protein and my performance and body composition are even better. Alot of the firebreathers at CrossFit follow The Zone.

some of the modifications that i have made to make the tranistion easier to the zone diet, is to go on the high side of things, so use your 135. you could also go with the 120 with all zone perfect meals and then use the post workout drink as an extra meal and just get some fat in there as well. as long as you are eating better than you are right now, you will see improvments. some other people that i started on this type of diet, i just had them do it four days per week or 7 days per week with one cheat meal per day, as long as the cheat meal was more like your post workout drink situation. in short, go on the high side as its still usually an improvment over what a person ate before going on the zone diet. adjustments can be made as you go on.

some meals that i use are egg whites(i buy these in a container) ,with a piece of low fat cheese on top if you need some flavor, i can of green beans and some type of fruit like an apple. for fat i will use flax seed or some type of oil. i bought a book that has every food and the nutrients for it. but after a while you will learn what foods contain what. another meal that i use alot is 3oz chicken breast, large salad with no fat dressing, strawberries or apple and peanuts (or other fat source). i usually cook the chicken in bulk so that i can just heat it up in a few minutes when i am going to eat.
hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

When I was training, I swore by the Zone diet. Just the increase in energy levels alone made it worthwhile. My typical breakfast was egg whites and fruit also, or slow-cooking oatmeal, protein powder and fruit.

thx for the help, searching out now what can and what can’t and how much can :slight_smile: Will start seriously on saturday when i’m prepared for it (when i have the proper gear in house)

How many times/week do/don’t you still eat potatoes or bread etc? This will be the biggest change for me as I ate those every single day.

i go a minimum of 5 days eating no potatoes or bread. sometimes i allow myself to eat that stuff one day per week or sometimes even two days, but it only ends up being just one meal that is like that and not a whole day. you still have to enjoy life and making an easier transition will allow you to continue eating like this instead of just for a few weeks and then realizing that it was too drastic. if you eat a lot of potatoes and bread, i would start slow. maybe one meal per day that contains those type of carbs, and gradually reduce it is you get more comfortable, as this seems to help people ease into a more gradual lifestyle change.