The worst kind of pain there is!

tonight me and my friend got in a fight over a girl. i decided to end it and keep our friendship but telling him i was sorry and he could have her. Well he askedm e how much i liked her and i said a lot, but it doesn’t matter, and thath e could have her, when he was gonna let me have her but i let him. Generosity really killed me, I have neverfeltthis terrible, Sorry, I just had to vent this out, because none of my friends understand what i am goin through.

This is not good…sprinters are the apha male. The sign of a great sprinter is to get the girl. focus…focus.

Clemson and that is just the female sprinters.

I have never had that feeling all the females I wanted liked my mates.

Clemson, did Carl Lewis or Calvin Smith ever get the girl? :smiley: :smiley:


how old are you? If you’re a teenager or in yer early 20’s don’t bother with the girl, they are not worth it. they are a waste of time & money. Instead focus on your career choices and work towards that, in the mean time just date and keep playing the field.
Remember don’t fall in the trap…should I say it…the M word

And remember love is when you are fighting yourself over the girl…

“love”?? what’s that?

Fabio, who will respect you for giving up the girl? Maybe not even your mate. And probably not the girl, as after all, she went for the “winning” male (that you let win). Besides if he’s a great mate of yours you’ll probably be goin round his house and have to put up with watching him kiss and cuddle that bird.
You got to be a “lion” sometimes. Better to take the girl in a situation like that, then dump her a month later if you get bored with her or if she gets in your way, then pass her over to your mate. Both ways aren’t totally comfortable, but atleast the second way you keep your pride.
Still, we’ve all made mistakes or been in akward situations on the love and romance front, but ya learn and move on.

welli’m 17 if ya don’t know. the girl said it was very grown up of me to do that and what not and went on to say how i am a sweet guy and so on and so forth and how if they don’t work out she’ll date me, but funny, as soon as that happens i meet this really REALLY hott chick at the track today, woot! My best bud seems ot respect me a lil more for it. I’ll get over it.

See!! Like I said “play the (Track &) Field” As the saying goes, “all good things happen to those who wait”.

Also, not to offend you, but, if this girl has said that if things don’t work out with her and yer buddy she’ll take you back, then it sounds to me that this girl is a b%$&^. Why you ask? Well from what she said it sounds like she is keeping you on “the self” ready to have whenever SHE wants you. If that was me, I would tell her “Va Fa Napoli”, Italian slang for telling someone “where to go”.

silly girl…
if you take her after your friend is done, she will lose all respect for you if she is not dumb as rocks. im your age, i know how we like to operate… :wink:

Very Dangerous statement with some of the guys on this forum…stay away from this coolcolj guy.

wat did coolcolj say? don’t worry, iwon’t be offended

haha… clemson i hope you don’t mean i said something Very Dangerous!

Kras…no need to worry bout that anytime soon…i got the Twins…aka see the Twins threat i started.