The world’s press invited to Vancouver

More than 200 representatives from international news wire services, photo agencies, newspapers, internet sites and non-rights holding broadcast organizations are expected to attend the Vancouver 2010 World Press Briefing this autumn.

Four day programme
Scheduled for 18 to 21 November 2008, the World Press Briefing will outline detailed information about the services and facilities for the written and photographic press. The briefing will include presentations by various Games functions, including Accreditation, Accommodation, Rate Card, Technology and Transportation. The four-day programme features detailed tours of the competition and non-competition venues, with an emphasis on the services and facilities for the press, including plans for the Main Press Centre and venue media centres. Tourism agencies are also participating in the briefing by providing destination information about the Games host region.
Operational plans
“The goal of the World Press Briefing is to present VANOC’s current operational plans in order to help our press clients with their 2010 Winter Games coverage plans,” said Terry Wright, executive vice president, services and games operations. “Our Press Operations team is focused on providing a high level of service and convenient facilities for the world’s press so they can tell the story of the 2010 Winter Games in both an efficient and exciting manner. Representatives of the leading press organizations from around the world will have an opportunity to experience our region, from the ice arenas in Vancouver to the mountain slopes in Whistler.”
The International Olympic Committee has established a quota of 2,800 accreditations covering the categories of written and photographic press and non-rights holding broadcast organizations. The concept of the World Press Briefing debuted before the Sydney 2000 Games. The World Press Briefing is held one year before the Games; it presents the Organizing Committee’s detailed plans for Games-time print media facilities and services.
Press organizations interested in registering for the Vancouver 2010 World Press Briefing are invited to visit the Press Operations section of the media centre at