The Who's Peter Townshend

[One of my favourite Who numbers is “Behind Blue Eyes”, but they’ve tutrned out a few gooduns. kk]

AUSTIN, Texas - It was out with the movies and in with the music as South by Southwest shifted gears Wednesday.
To underscore the point, for the keynote address at the downtown Hilton hotel, organizers brought in a legend from the original British Invasion: Pete Townshend.
Looking fit and displaying an often ribald sense of humor, The Who guitarist, 61, ranged through topics such as why The Who keep coming back together to his unrequited love for ‘70s/‘80s punk queen Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie & the Banshees. (I dream of her often,'' he joked. We have little punkettes.’’) He even sang a line or two from The Who song The Acid Queen.'' Townshend, who was interviewed by journalist Bill Flanagan and was greeted with a standing ovation, said that he is still inspired by The Who and that the band will always be a part of him and vice versa. In October, the group released a new album, Endless Wire,’’ and began a tour.
I'd been voted in and couldn't get out, like the Sopranos,'' he said. I’m enjoying being on the road with Roger (Daltrey), but I have the power to say ‘no.’’’
And that means he feels free to do other things, such as jamming with Lou Reed recently on some Velvet Underground songs or working on his latest project: a new Web site set to launch in April dedicated to The Method, a program that claims to create unique musical compositions for each subscriber based on their personality traits. Townshend compares it to sitting for a painter'' and having a portrait done. Townshend also says he has turned his back on some of the rock 'n' roll nihilism that The Who once seemed to embody. Speaking of his guitar-smashing antics, he said, Those big, violent, noisy acts aren’t valid anymore,’’ he said. ``I’m not saying music shouldn’t have edge. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be political, but (then) let’s make it political.’’