"The Ultimate Fighter" Championship Tonight @ 9:00E / 8:00C on Spike TV

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Sanchez

Stefan Bonner vs. Forrest Wagoner

I’ve been watching this show for the season and the finale is tonight. So far this show has been bad-ass. I also believe that Ron Franklin is fighting Ken Shamrock (I might have the names mixed up here) tonight as well. It’s going to be on Spike and not on pay-per-view so make sure to watch. Kenny Florian is fighting about 20 pounds heavier than he usually does and Diego Sanchez looks like one tough SOB so far (I believe he has had 3 fights and 2 submissions on the show). The heavyweight fight looks kind’ve boring. There’s a marathon on Spike right now for those interested. You can catch up on the show.

Diego is going to CRUSH Florian. Chris Leban would’ve won the fight against Florian if he had not been cut above his eye. Anyone watching the show knows that Diego is in a leauge of his own.

I think the Forrest v. Bonnar fight is going to be pretty close though. They’re both fearless, though I think Forrest has a little more athleticism but Bonnar has experience on his side.

I have to say that this show has gotten me very interested in MMA.

Yeah, I’m the same way. Diego has been dominant, I especially loved his fight with Alex Karalexis.

Rich Franklin

Word, word.

Kenny is pretty tough though. I’d pick Bonnar, but who knows if Forrest goes crazy.

What’s weird to me is some of the guys on the show you’d never expect to be that tough. Really, if you saw some of these guys on the street you’d never think it. Just goes to show you shouldn’t judge…

Also, is it just me or there is a huge difference looking at most of the Pro’s conditioning and appearance to most of these guys on the show.

I’d like to see Diego get beat, hard. Alex just gave away his match against him (bad strategy). He’ll probably win though – he seems a lot smarter in the ring than out :stuck_out_tongue:

Forrest seems just too intense, I’ll go with him.

We’ll see if Shamrock still has the hands. If he does, he’ll win by KO, which is my prediction.

Shamrock is a major underdog in this fight. Even if he has great hands, Rich Franklin is a better fighter, younger and in better shape. Shamrock is oldschool.

Diego’s no brain surgeon. I think that’s part of his appeal is he’s just such a neandrathal that it cracks me up. Even the guys in the house think he’s insane.

Winner/ Looser

1 Alex Karalexis/ Josh Rafferty TKO (Strikes) 1:40 Round 1

2 Mike Swick/ Alex Schoenauer KO (Punch) 0:20 Round 1

3 Nathan Quarry/ Lodune Sincaid TKO (Strikes) 3:17 Round 1

4 Josh Koscheck/ Chris Sanford KO (Punch) 4:21 Round 1

5 Chris Leben/ Jason Thacker TKO (Strikes) 1:35 Round 1

6 Sam Hoger/ Bobby Southworth Decision (Unanimous) 5:00 Round 3

But Shamrock may be able to deliver it, even all these years later. I hope he’s not just using his rep for a paycheck. If he’s ready, I favor his experience and track record. We’ll see.

Rich Franklin: 17 fights in the last 5 years, only one loss.

Ken Shamrock: 6 fights in the last 5 years with 3 losses and 3 wins loosing 2 of his last 3 matches.

Sorry but Ken is going wayyyyy down. Time to fully retire.

Well that wasn’t very impressive: for a BJJ guy, that was some weak groundfighting by Florian.

2:49. That was awesome. Did you see that one punch when he punched down and just through his weight down on him as well. Awesome. No care about his body whatsoever. Can’t wait to see the rest of the fights…


when did diego become the nightmare?

wicked first fight, went as we all probably expected, forest takes care of bonnar i think. and to go old school, kenny takes out the kid but i dont think it will be pretty.


p.s. i love that show!
p.s.s–i think jessie brinkley wins the contender

Great first round, that arm bar looked close.
Bonner has some stones to stand there and swing.

The 2nd round looked like the 15th in Rocky II.

I haven’t seen a lot of these fights, but that is the best fight I have ever seen!! That was Rocky II, III, + IV all in one fight. Holy Crap!! My girlfriend and I were just yellin’ and screamin’!! That was awesome!! That’s awesome that they both got contracts but all my girlfriend said was, “i feel bad for kenny because he’s the only one who didn’t get a contract” and I say, “babe, he got his ass beat.” women…

If these guys fight again, on PPV, I’ll have to think about getting it. As it is I’ll watch the first round over and over.

Shamrock looked good for 3 minutes then fell down? and then covered up and waited for the ref :confused: :confused: :confused:

What a letdown. I expected a lot more from Shamrock. I’d pay money to see Forrest or Stefan fight(maybe), but I wouldn’t take the time to see another Shamrock “fight”. It looked more like pro wrestling than MMA, I mean he falls twice in 2 1/2 minutes? :mad:

I probably should have expected another bogus fight, like the one against Royce in UFC 5: they hung out in the mount and guard and took a nap for 25 minutes :mad:

Great night overall ;except for the Shamrock vs. Franklin fight :frowning:

That fight between Forrest and Stephan was honestly the best fight I have ever seen on UFC… had me on my feet the whole fight… That’s what it’s all about…

Ken Shamrock has been my favorite fighter since I was 12 years old… I was very dissapointed that the fight ended how it did… Totally did not expect that at all… I hope he fights again and destroys someone…