The Toronto Experience

Now that this Summer 2004 is fading away, I would like to share a bit of my personal Olympic season.

I am a coach,not an athlete,and a swimming coach, not even a Track one. I’m based in Europe (Italy) and have been blessed enough in the last Olympic four years cycle to have the chance to work with few quality young Athletes who developped into National open and age group Record holders and European Junior Champions in sprint swimming events.
The least I can say is I am extremely grateful to and this Forum for the amount of experience-driven and immediately implementable knowledges I have gained through these pages during almost three quarters of the last Olympic cycle.

Now right on the verge of the bits of international success we enjoyed after the latest European Junior Champs and a whole new four year term, I had the chance to organize a live Charlie Francis consulting experience in Toronto,where I spent a very dense couple of weeks right before the Olympics started in Athens.

Discussing with Charlie and His wife Angela I enjoyed an incredibly rich comparative experience of Sprint and Strength training approaches in Track and Swimming according to the different demands and characteristics of the two sports, along with the chance to work together with Charlie on some new amazing graphs of His, which actually turned even more visually suggestive when possible straight comparisons and common points with swimming emerged.

As someone says, F.A.S.T. is FAST!
Thank You Charlie, and all Your “” Team ! :wink:

Are you the guy in the middle? Charlie is the man…

That’s awesome!

That’s Pakewi in the middle, with fellow Stanford man, Nick Hoy on the left, who’s been a great help with writing, compilation of materials, and video editing this year.

Nice story!..and what a nice house with landscaping:)

Charlie’s pad is nice…where’s J-lo charlie?

I agree- too bad it’s not mine! That’s Nick’s place!