The Syco Diet

Guys I’d like to share my diet with some of you guys just for some feed back etc.,

I am no expert, but I will share some of my thoery on Post Wrkout Carbs and nutrition in general …
Any suggestions … very much welcome …

N4D, for one, is welcome to take the mike any time, Oh wise senior memmber (congrats) - having written extensively on these topics with some excellent ideas …

I have read almost every single diet theory (Zone, Blood Type, Atkins etc.) and basically, as regards loosing weight — yes —

Cals in < Cals Out = Loose weight

(As a note: I do however believe alot of what John Berardi and the Zone reccomend. I find the Zone a little too hard to stick to so I use it more as a guide…)

I believe as much in the timing of the meals as the content of the meal.
A very rough guideline is - eat carbs for what you are going to do and protein for what you have done!!

You must have sufficient Carbs alreday in muscles pre-workout. Pre-work out means consuming carbs over the hours since the last workout in relatively samll quantities.

Bear in mind I’m in a Hyper Phase just now and lifting 4 Days/week…
(Training for Gaelic Football - an Irish sport - cross between soccer, basketball, Aussie Rules and Rugby -)
Am: M,T,Th,F Weights and Wed is a Long Flex. Session,
Pm: M - Tempo, Wed - Plyo + Hills, Fri - Speed.
Sat: Rest
Sun: Skill work

I do my weight training first thing in the morning ( not ideal maybe - but if it’s good enough for Michael Jordan - it’s good enough for me!!).
If training that week is tough or of a higher intensity I’ll set the alarm to wake me 45 mins pre-training (0615) to take a caffiene tab and v.small carb drink … and go back to snooooooze for 30 mins, up and hit the metal!
Note: Sometimes - when I’m really pushing it - I’ll do some agility drills pre weight training - 0600 - 0740 once a week - I will take a small sugar/carb/energy drink after that)

Post workout - carbs in the 30 mins immediately after - chillin’ (literally) in the cold bath!!
Unlike N4D, I don’t have such access to supplements and anyway this is important for me because I want to try to stick almost entirely to natural foods if I can. I make my own, low sugar, carb shakes and bung them in the fridge. My Carb shakes are a great source of fun and humour - but I think they are the business - (I would!!)
My Carb Shake consists of three banannas and a small amount of BIo yoghurt and water in a 500 ml bottle.
I make them up regularly by the batch.
I was buying the 500ml Lucozade Sport bottles and decided to put the Shakes I was making into them. I use the same bottles for protein shakes. They are great little bottles and have a good wide top so you can get it down you faster.
So now I make up 4 or 6 every few nights… I throw 12 bannanas in a blender with some water and a (very) little Strawberry Yoghurt for taste. I split this mixture (1.5 L) among 4 bottles and fill the rest with water and give a quick shake and bung in fridge- bingo!!!
Used to mix in the 5gm of Creatine, but stopped. Creatine is best taken fresh and doesn’t mix with citrus juices - so in case that means alll fruit juices, I just mix it with water.
Might sound weird … and yes even over here I hear the laughter … but It works.

I also take my creatine (5gms maintaince phase) just now in a water mixture just after the Carb shake.

Unlike many others I try to stay away from commercial sports replacement drinks as much as possible. They are too high in sugar for me and I know many sports people developing blood sugar problems and diabetes (- another story).
Commercial firms can supply the drink with energy basically from sugars, which dispite the damage it’s doing to one teeth, can cause blood sugar tolerance issues (longer term), immediate gastric problems and water retention.

I take my Protein about 25gms sometime in the following hour.
I use a whey based Protein and mix a little casein, for the shake to get protein to the fibres fast.

I also take my Mulit Vits between the Post wrkout Carbs and the Protein Shake in the belief that the nutients will be coming into the system in time for protein synthesis. Glucosamine + Co Enzy Q10.

I will spend any money on a Multi Vit. If that is not good - (and I haven’t seen any definite proof they work by the way) - I belive the rest of the diet is not going to hold up.

I get to work and over the next 4 hours will take a protein drink slowly. This one is casein based. I’m looking for a slow steady stream of protein.

Lunch (1300 - 1500 - no lunch is not 2 hours long !!!.. I just don’t take a lunch break and eat the meal at my desk over maybe 1 and 1/2 or 2 hrs) is where I get some Carbs for an evening session and protein.
I cook a large meal at night (enought for two meals) for the following 2 days bung them in the fridge and bring the two lunches two work in tuppaware over the next few days.
Each meal is either Rice and Tuna - or - Rice and Chicken/steak
Lunch has a base carb of 1/2 cup white rice (1/2 cup dried rice that is… I can get white rice in big industrial bags - but still looking for brown rice in large - i.e. cheaper qtys - so have to use White rice …)
Anyway … then it varies sometimes I’ll generally stir fry chicken or sorlion steak - always with 1 1/2 or 2 peppers and a lot of brocolli. (my logic - stick to as much Veg as possible … broccolli great source of iron)
I use garlic and chilli to spice up the stir fry - and only olive oil - very little also.
(I will try more grilling …)
Or …
1 tin of Tuna and 1 tin kidney beans with some thousand island dressing or garlic and chive sauce with the old reliable - 1/2 cup white rice
Sorry I don’t have the Nutritional. break down, but I did work all these out a few months ago.
I use Myoplex from time to time as well, but again I’m not fond of Commercial stuff - by the way I’ve nothing against commercial supplements really, infact they are unbelievably convient - I just try and take the natural option when I can.
I have a sweet tooth so the occasional cheat is a little chocolate after luch - ( … Bad Syco, Bad Syco, Syco must be disciplined …)

1600 or 1630
If training in the evening (which is definietly every 2nd Day, very occasionally every Day) High Carb Snack, Banannas - perfect.
Some fruit etc or from time to time a sandwich.

Training (i.e. Aerobic - tempo running games etc.)

My own Carb Shake

2045 - 2200 -
This is where it varies depending on the time I get to sleep. I will always take a Casein Protein Shake (16gms to 22gms Prot) 30 - 50 mins pre-bed for the long sleep hours.
If training is especially tough I might take another multi Vit in the evening or at night also.
My only concern is the lack of sleep, I need a lot and some nights I might only get 7 which is no good - reckon you need ideally 10, min 8, to do this right.

I try out different Multi Vit.s.
One I’m using at the minute, and I know It’s a Body Builders one, Universal Nutrition do an ‘Animal Pak’ of Vit.s. It’s OK. - any other suggestions for a heavy duty Multi Vit.?

good post syco, i think its great when member spend time to share thoughts and experiences in long form. i have a few things to add and really its fine tuning and it just my opinion, others may see it totally different which is great and i think its the best thing about the forum. try them all and see what works for you.

first, what are your body comp goals? are you gaining, leaning or just eating to recover and trian like a stud?

Post workout - carbs in the 30 mins immediately after - chillin’ (literally) in the cold bath!!

i would drink your shake the second you are done training and before you get in the tub. there is nothing wrong with making your own shake (sounds gross but if it works it works) but because it is “whole food based” meaning not maltodextrin, D-glucose or whey hydrolosate, you need to get it in there even sooner. this is because the time it takes to break down (more than a powdered shake) combined with not having the shake right after workout, you are probably missing (at best not maximizing) the glycogen window. they say its 30 minutes, but if you want the best effect, its the first 5 minutes post workout.

Used to mix in the 5gm of Creatine, but stopped.

you caught this problem, but creatine becomes denatured in water, so just throw it right in your mouth and chase it with water or your drink, and again right after training.

Unlike many others I try to stay away from commercial sports replacement drinks as much as possible. They are too high in sugar for me and I know many sports people developing blood sugar problems and diabetes (- another story).

i agree and disagree at the same time. there is a line of sports drinks called G-Push ( GPUSH LINK that is galactose based. galactose is a non-insulin depentant carb and the G1 formula has a GI of .21 and has a very nice electrolyte level.

I have a sweet tooth so the occasional cheat is a little chocolate after luch - ( … Bad Syco, Bad Syco, Syco must be disciplined …)

this isnt a bad thing but late day cravings (or cravings in general) are little hints about whats going on with the body. i take this as an indication that you arent getting enough carbs post workout in the AM, or more specifically, not getting what you are taking in fast enough post workout…see first point. i trian in the Am aswell and if i dont get enough carbs post workout, esp with that low carb nature of my eating plan, then at 5pm i am dying for a bag of potatoe chips…change the post workout routine and see if this helps with the choc cravings.

I will always take a Casein Protein Shake (16gms to 22gms Prot) 30 - 50 mins pre-bed for the long sleep hours

this is good and not so good. its now common practice for athletes and bodybuilders to have either cottage cheese or casein based shake before bed. the slow releasing nature of the protein is good and keeps you in a positive nitrogen balance longer, BUT cottage cheese and casien are alot higher in tyrosine than they are in tryptophan. both these amino acids compete for the same receptor in the brain, it can only take one and i think (someone help me here) its the higher mgs amino that wins the battle. tyro makes you alert, tyrpto makes you sleepy, this is good for the morning or afternoon, but just before bed, not so good. solution, switch to egg whites, whey+udo’s oil (or any other EFA oil) or take 50-200 mg of 5-htp (a pre-curser to tryptophan) 45 minutes before you have your night time shake and the 5-htp>>>tryptophan will beat the shake to the receptor and will block the absorbtion of the tyrosine…

sysco…I thought you were going to give us sisco the r&b singers diet. I was all anxious for nothing :clap:

Unlike many others I try to stay away from commercial sports replacement drinks as much as possible. They are too high in sugar for me and I know many sports people developing blood sugar problems and diabetes (- another story).

Any guidelines on this ?
I drink 2 litres of Isostar over a 2 1/2 hr period on speed days - it definately helps my training but is it doing any harm to my body ?

If I were you and you have time try large salads,kale,spin,tom,garlic,broc, many phytonutrients that the body needs, but science had yet to discover. Also canned Salmon will do wonders for your skin, and may also help with speed muscle innervation.


Thanks for the Post - some good ideas, I will try them out and see how it goes.

I have had some concerns about the post Wrkout Carbs - not the fact that I am not getting them but like you point out - that they might not be getting digested fast enough. I have been considering taking a glucose-based sports drink to get the glycogen into the muscles faster than the heavier Carb shake mixture. I have been banking on bannanas being high enough on the Glycemic index to get there fast.

Like I said the main worry is the insulin response from the commercial sports drinks, but I will have a look for GPush or a similar galactose based drink and see how that goes.

I have been trying to balance this concept that cravings for choc probably are related to low carb levels, however I have been confused as I always seem to have the energy for evening wrkouts and next morning workouts. I rarely seem to get the ‘hitting the wall’ feeling associated with low carb levels while training. And I can’t go overboard on the Carbs while trying to keep the BF down.

Reagrding the night-shake, I’ll try the egg whites and see - but believe me - sleeping is not a problem during the week!

… And all I can say about the Carb shake is - try it before you knock it !!!
(I think I’ll market it - ‘Syco-nannas’)

Sorry my goals … (yeh, that would have been a help -duh!)

To give you a better idea I’ll post the Syco story in a bit …

Hi, Gloopzilla

I was like you, gulping down the sugar based sports drinks … until I spoke to my cousin.

DISCLAIMER: I must be careful here, I’m not scare mongering, and I can’t give you an exact medical journal reference or anything.
(I must check JBerardi and see what he says …)

I’m not an expert but recently I consulted my Medical Consultant after a friend was warned, and he too advised me to be careful of consuming large doses of sugar based drinks.

People can develop Diabetes by consuming sugar rich foods and experiencing ‘sugar kicks’ - OVER A LONG PERIOD of time.

I have read a little recently on diabetes, sugar consumption and the insulin effect and while there are the two distinct types etc. and herit … eh heriti … eh - ah feck it - and parents and family history have a lot to do with it, I have just become more concious of the sugar levels of the drinks I consume.

My rugby playing cousing - 23 years of age was warned about his cholestorol levels (6.5) after a regular check-up. Now while cholesterol and diabetes are not directly related diets leading to one are often lead to the other. He consulted a nuritionist to discuss his colesterol and while HE HASN’T developed diabetes he was warned that his sugar rich diet MAY be leading towards issues in later life.

I know there is a lot of ‘he said’, ‘she said’ and I repeat — I have no categoric proof of anything — but it is enough to make me use sugar-based sports drinks sparingly. But as N4D pointed out to me there is an alternative in gPush - so I for one will be trying that out.

I’d love to hear what anyone else has to say on this topic …:help:

Cheers Syco and Nightmare
G Push G1 looks like a good option - if they ship to the UK or if I can find a uk outlet .


OK so the Syco scoop …

This is my training plan at the moment, goals etc. A holistic approach to training is generally the best so to go with ‘Syco Nutrition’ here is ‘Syco Training’ -
I’ll try and explain why I do things the way I do them. I’m not posting them as a guide for anyone, or an ego trip - it’s more a ‘Here it is - what do you think …’ kinda post. (i.e. feedback)

I’m currently in the middle of a 4 week Hypertrophy phase, so max. muscle gain, develop flexibility and maintain or minimise bf.

I’ll give you an idea of my training as well …

My sport is Gaelic Football ( an ametuer Irish sport - the most popular game in the country - it is a cross between soccer, basketball, Aussie Rules and Rugby -) ( will give you some idea - - played in the US too by ex-pats, Boston and NY, - There is an international element as well with a yearly competition between the Professional Austrailian All-star Team and the best of Irelands Ametuer Gaelic Footballers, where in the past few years The Irish have one as many as the Austrailians dispite the am vs prof. status differences !!!).

This is pre-season with team training starting again soon. Main Comp is not until May.
I am 2 weeks into a 4 week Hypertrophy phase just now. 193lbs, 1.775m (5’11") BF is 15-17% - too high, but it has always been such - - Bad Syco… Bad Syco …just not good enough Syco … woops! sorry …OK …

I work through what I call ‘Phases’. ( …my ideas on periodisation). It’s just my minor adaptation of what I have learned/developed from Bompa and Fleck and Kramer, Tellez, Dinitman, Grover and many others, with some small differences.

Every phase (except the Power and Taper phases) are 4 weeks long. 3 Weeks of work and one easy week.
I have decided (mostly through experience) that it is impossible to maintain ‘the hunger’ or intensity for any longer. (When I say ‘hunger’ I mean the will to do more than anyone else etc. :baddevil::slight_smile:
Mentally you loose the edge, but variety can give you an increased drive.
It also gives the CNS a longer rest, give muscles a longer chance to rest and recover, gives me a mental break and develops the hunger/determination again for the next 3 weeks.

I split all phases into 4 Week periods, 3 are work and one is recovery.
Week 1 INtro - Medium intensity
Week 2 Heavy -intensity
Week 3 Heavy -intensity
Week 4 Light/recovery -intensity

*** The Fourth Week of every phase regardless is an easy week and has only two weights sessions Tues: Upper Thurs: Lower Body

I believe muscles need to be targetted in different ways, using different exercises so every Phase or 4th week, even if the goal of the Phase doesn’t change, the exercises do. Another Syco rule - exercises during Endurance, Hyper and Strength Phases/blocks must change after every 4th week

Depending on the length of the off-season and pre-season, I plan the Phases. It may be 1 Muscluar Endurance, 2 Hyper, and 2 Strength and 1 or 2 Power with a two week taper.

ENDURANCE PHASE (Weeks 1-3)***:
(Every session starts with Abs)
Aim: develop basic muscular endurance, improve flexibility and strengthen tendons in preparartion for heavier WgtTrg by using lighter loads.
Week 1: 3 Sets 15 Reps Multi Joint, 3 Sets and 20 Reps Single Joint
Week 2,3, 4: 4 Sets 15 Reps Multi Joint, 4 Sets and 20 Reps Single Joint
Mo - 20 - 30 min run
Tu - Whole Body Weights Session pm - stretching
We - Flexibility pm (interval Session)
Th - Whole Body Weights Session pm - stretching
Fr - Fartlek (20-40 mins)

I always start off slow and easy each year, work my way up increrasing the vol. to prevent staleness or simply lack of interest.
The Whole Body sessions are the same exercises each day. Done in the AM. Light weights, Average - 15 reps. 3 sets (if I do 2 phases - it goes up to 4 sets)
Sample: Warm-up, chin-ups, bench press, dips, single leg squats, swiss ball ab work, press-ups, some dynamic stretching exercises.
Generally I try and do 2 phases of Muscular Endurance. I judge this based on my previous season and my current condition. (This year I only got one done - hence a higher bf.) My main concern is that I take it slow so as not to burn out.
Then it’s Hyper, again 1 or 2 based on weight, immediate aims, bf% etc.

HYPER PHASE (Weeks 1-3)***:
Week 1: 3 Sets 10 Reps Multi Joint, 3 Sets and 12 Reps Single Joint
Week 2,3, 4: 4 Sets 10 Reps Multi Joint, 4 Sets and 12 Reps Single Joint
Hyper is a split routine based loosely on Bodybuilding Theory.
(Every session starts with Abs)
Mo - Chest + Delts pm Interval Track work
Tu - Legs pm off
We - Flexibility pm Hill work
Th - Back + Delts pm off
Fr - Arms pm Speed and agility
Sa - Rest
Su - Skill Work

Every Weights session starts with 4 or 6 sets (20 reps per set) of Ab exercises (basic crucnhes with a weight in hands, med ball, Russian twists etc.), sometimes with weight. I know there is a school of thought that says this weakens the core while doing lifting later in the session. I don’t think it does sufficiently enough to warrant concern. The main reason I do it first is however, the core is where it’s at. If the Abs & Obliques aren’t strong very little else works well togther regardless of sport. I used do them at the end of my sessions but too many times I was too tired etc and skipped them. Then I read Tim Grover (Michael Jordans … brief pause to demonstrate respect for the greatest ever … Trainer) and he gets his atheletes to do them first thing in the session - so like I said before - Good enough for you know who - good enough for me!!.

STRENGTH PHASE (Weeks 1-3)***:
Hyper is a split routine based loosely on Bodybuilding Theory.

(Every session starts with Abs)
Week 1: 3 Sets 8 Reps Multi Joint, 3 Sets and 10 Reps Single Joint
Week 2,3, 4: 4 Sets 8 Reps Multi Joint, 4 Sets and 10 Reps Single Joint
Mo - Legs pm Agility (light)
Tu - Chest + Triceps pm Speed
We - Flexibility pm off
Th - Back + Biceps pm Speed
Fr - Arms + Shoulders pm Interval /Fartlek
Sa - Rest
Su - Skill Work

Unlike some Periodisation theory I introduce a 2 Week Power Phase between Hyper and Strength. The reasoning for this is that my sport is primarily a Power based endurance sport. I feel that weight Training (where muscle contraction or movement is slower) for 8 weeks or more through strength and hyper phases with no weight training power work at all will over time train slower movements.

Pre-Season POWER PHASE (Only Two Weeks Long):
(Every session starts with Abs)
Mo - Lower Body Complex training (35 - 25 secs) pm rest
Tu - Upper Body Weight Training (35 - 25 secs) pm Team Training
We - Flexibility pm Speed Agility hills etc.
Th - Lower Body Complex training pm Team Training
Fr - Upper Body Weight Training pm
Sa - Rest
Su - Skill Work

I start with the abs as usual
These exercises are done in time frames, not sets or reps.
— Why do we always have to do weight training in sets and reps ???
Using Time as the guide makes it easier to focus on form and explosion and not worry about trying to squeeze the last few reps out of some exercise in a slow manner with the weight sliding all over the place.
(I count power cleans, jerk etc as lower/whole body exercises)
Basically 1 set of a movement exercise like Squat is done, followed by a body weight explosive movment training the same muscles, followed by a dynamic stretch.
This is repeated 2/3 or 4 times.
The times for the Squat and Dynamic movement vary from 30 secs to 25 secs right down to 10secs.
The number of sets depends on peaking or the location of the Power phase in the overall plan. For example if I am starting a Power phase 4 weeks from a major game, then I plan a 2 week/10 day taper and a 2 week Power phase where I perform 2 or 3 sets of 10 second exercises.

The upper body weight traininig is done to time also, but I am careful to keep the intensity low on the upper body so as to focus lmostly on lower body explosiveness.

Playoff-Season POWER PHASE (Only Two Weeks Long):
Mo - pm Light Endurance Session (tempo)
Tu - Complex Training (10 secs) pm Team Training
We - Flexibility pm Speed and Agility
Th - Complex Training pm Team Training
Fr - Agility
Sa - Rest
Su - Skill Work/Match

In Season PHASE (Weekly):
Mo - pm Light Endurance Session (tempo)
Tu - Flexibility pm Team Training
We - Complex Training (10 secs) pm Speed and Agility
Th - Flexibility pm Team Training
Fr - Agility
Sa - Rest
Su - Skill Work/Match

(Phew that’s long … - Sorry N4D - but you did ask what my goals were so I thought I’d share my ideas… hee, hee, ) :smiley:
I hope this doesn’t sound too complicated, it’s not really. You outline your year, evaluate your current status,(bf tests etc.) divide into 4 and 2 week blocks and just change the exercises every phase/block.
The power stuff is where it gets a little different.

I have never followed the same plan in successive years, because I always can improve amd I’m still searching for the ideal mix of training philosopies …Syco search continues

Hope I’ve left nothing major out …
I’m not sure what Bompa, Charlie or any of you might say about some of my ideas… but please feel free to comment, it’s the only way we’ll learn/improve.


[Syco mental note: Muscular endurance training for fingers & wrist next !!! :(]

Originally posted by CLJACKSON04
If I were you and you have time try large salads,kale,spin,tom,garlic,broc, many phytonutrients that the body needs, but science had yet to discover. Also canned Salmon will do wonders for your skin, and may also help with speed muscle innervation.


I’ll try and add some of those into the diet. Not usually a fan of rabbit food (i.e. salads) but will try it - and blame you if I grow long ears !!!
… actually the more I think of it rabbits are fast and have a great sex life … Salads it is!




gpush was actually created in the UK so they should be available over there. it really is awesome and one of my favorite supplements. its the only fluid replacement i will use on a regular basis. every once and awhile, i will use “revenge pro” from champion, it is the human equivilant to N.O.S. (like in the fast and the furious) and when i need the extra “zippidee in my doo daa” ill use it.

Syco - GPush is available in the UK at -
I was too keen to check out the info on the products to notice the big sign saying - UK outlets lol Its cheaper than Isostar too

Nightmare -
my speed / weights sessions can last 2 & a 1/2 hours including warm up and warm down would I be better off with G2 than G1 ?
Also is it best to get a recovery drink in imediately after weights and b 4 stretching down for max effect ?
Many thanks


G2 is formulated for 90 minutes + of steady cardio without any breaks. for anything stop and go, football, rugby, weights, running(sprinting), pilates etc go with the G1. the 2 formulas are totally different, G1 has 50 cal, a GI of .21 and is 100% galactose, the G2 is 140 cal, a GI of .72 and a galactose/maltodextrin blend.

im really looking forward to your feedback on this product, its a real sleeper outside of the triathlon community.

as for your recovery drink, my routine is weights, surge then stretch. berardi harps on this point in this quote from his site:

“another important factor to consider is the timing of this meal. It is absolutely crucial that you consume your post-workout meal immediately after exercise. As indicated above, after exercise, the muscles are depleted and require an abundance of protein and carbohydrate. In addition, during this time, the muscles are biochemically “primed” for nutrient uptake. This phenomenon is commonly known as the “window of opportunity”. Over the course of the recovery period, this window gradually closes and by failing to eat immediately after exercise, you diminish your chances of promoting full recovery. To illustrate how quickly this window closes, research has shown that consuming a post-exercise meal immediately after working out is superior to consuming one only 1 hour later. In addition, consuming one 1 hour later is superior to consuming one 3 hours later (Tipton et al 2001, Levenhagen et al 2001). If you wait too long, glycogen replenishment and protein repair will be compromised.”

Once again - Many thanks Nightmare