The Story of Tyson Gay's Spikes (video)

brilliant link! would love to see how mizuno developed lewis’ spike in 91 as it was way ahead of anything else- from colours to lacing to spike material etc

Wish it was longer…but a good clip all the same. The new adidas plate resembles the old Mizuno Chronodash plate from 5 YEARS ago!! Thats how I know Mizuno was and is way ahead of the other companies. Looking forward to seeing these spikes.

I agree. But, it’s interesting that no major sprinter is wearing Mizuno nowadays. I wonder why that is.

$$$$$$ Period!

Really? They had Carl Lewis at one point.

they had 6 out of 8 100m finalists in 91 and maybe 5 finalists in 92 100. carl was with them since early 87 till 1995 then nike stepped in with $$ in 96 and hes still with nike…why? $$$$

They have Christian Malcolm (GBR), Marlon Devonish (GBR) and Francis Obiqwelu (POR). Mizuno to me still remain very excusive. They dont have the big budgets like Nike and Adidas but the money they put into research is on par with the big boys. They dont cut corners with the materials and function of the spikes either.

honestly they are years ahead of nike and the others. less commercial than others but the designs,functionality and performance are exceptional. im awaiting a pair of mizuno wave prohecy which are meant to be excellent…