Question for sprinters

Hello all. I’m in training for the 400M. Been doing this now in my 2nd year. Anyways, last night, I ran 400M repeats and ran perhaps a second or 2 slower than I did a month earlier. I do not recall doing anything strenuous this past week. Are there days when you are training and your legs are DEAD from the start for no apparent reason? Just curious…


Only when I had dietary issues

What you consume can give you lots of energy, it can also make you feel downright sluggish too. Being sluggish also relates too healthy eating.

Running at night?. At which point bodyweight/power ratio can be ruined having consumed a lot.

Could also be a sleep, stress, tiredness issue.

Yes, when I would lift weights (squats) a few days before I run hard. If you want fesh legs, it’s best to knock off lifting lowerbody weights for 3-4 days.

Don’t knock off lifting weights for too long because lifting weights (for me at least) protects me from injury so it’s a ballance.