the sprinters diet=less carbohydrates??

I thought I’d post this here because I’d probably get more answers rather than posting it on the nutrition page.

From what I know, sprinting is very similar to weightlifting and gymnastics= anaerobic. If this is the case, then why do sprinters need copious amounts of glycogen when clearly anything under 30 seconds (or was it longer?) uses the ATP-CP (creatine) system rather than the lactic acid system (glycogen)? Is it because of the multiple sprints, sprinters perform in training?

You answered your own question at the end of your post. Glycogen stores should not depleted as sprinters do have to perform quite a bit of work in training (warm up, drills, speed, ext/int tempo, weights, plyometrics, etc) Obviously not all in the same day, but you definitely do not want to limit carbohydrate stores while you’re in an intense training phase IMO.

I like to drink carbo force during hard days. 100 grams of carbs. I drink alil before during and finish at the end of practice.

A 100m competition doesn’t last 10sec. It start 2hours before the race itself, with 1h to 1h30 warm-up, 30min call room, 2 to 4 starting-block trials, maybe one false start, the 10sec race, the warm-down (5 to 15min).
If you have 4 races in 4 days, you see how much ressource is needed.

Specificity concept has been really misleading in recent years, based on the wrong assumption that 100m is a 10sec event.

Maybe I didn’t. Because we can obtain glycogen from protein right? Gluconeogenesis? So why would there be a need to consume copious amounts of carbs?

Even if the race started 2 hours before a comp, we could replenish glycogen supply with adequate protein intake?

Do we really need to replenish it though as most of the power output in sprinting comes from the ATP system?

I wanted to ask this because I have not found a single article that addresses this issue.

Heres the article.

Race day I don’t eat anything all day. It’s the training that makes you need carbs. 8 x 200m at 75% is alot of energy expended.

There isn’t, :slight_smile: .