The Road to D-1 Basketball Walk-on Glory

So, here’s the deal. I just finished my freshmen year playing basketball at a Division II school in Florida. I was redshirted this year. For a few, different reasons, I will be transferring back home (Michigan) to Michigan State and doing everything I can to get a walk-on spot there. I’ll keep track of all my athletic training here and look forward to answering questions and discussing training with anyone here. On a side note, just know that along with my training, I’ll be playing or practicing intensely 3 times a week and doing lower intensity practicing 2-3 times a week. Contrast showers, icing and massage (with the Stick) will be going on regularly. By the way, I’m also 6 feet, 170 lbs. and around 8% bf. I have a very advanced internal nervous system (can do 80 single leg line jumps in 15 sec.) which leads its way into very good quickness on the court. Everything else is decent but needs big time work:) I’m using a concurrent model with an emphasis on strength.

Update of the last few days
Wednesday 3-26
Parisi warm-up
Drop Jumps (36 in.) 4x3
Squats(somewhere between ATG and parallel)
185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 235x3
Step-ups 2x10 w/50 lb. dbs
RDL 135x1x15, 185x2x8
Thursday 3-27
Cardiac work-elliptical 25 min. at a HR 120-130
Friday 3-28
6 Prowler sprintsx40 yds. supersetted with 10 pushups with 30 sec. rest
Friday 3-29
Parisi Warm-up
Sprints 8x10 yards, 6x20 yards, 1x30 yards
Bench 155x5, 175x5, 185x4, 205x1
Floor Press2x15x45 lb dbs
DB Rows 3x10x80 lbs.
Rear Delts

Monday 3-31
AM-Elliptical 25 minutes at a HR of 120-130

PM-Drop Jumps (36") 5x3
Deadlifts 225x5, 245x3, 265x2, 285x1
Lunges 55 lb. db’s 2x8 (each leg)
GHR’s (holding 10 lb. plate) 3x8
Prowler Sprints(w/ 50 lb.'s) 8x40 yards w/30 sec. rest between

Tuesday 4-1
Parisi warm-up
Med ball circuit
PNF Stretching

Wednesday 4-2
Parisi warm-up (getting pretty good at this. finished in about 15 minutes.)

Tempo-6x150 at 75%-30 sec.weighted planks in between

Twenty minutes of good sretching focusing on hip flexors, quads and glutes.

Parisi Warm up
Sprints 4x10 yards, 2x30 yard flying, 2x40 yards flying. Abs in between.
Stretched after and really focused on quads and hip flexors.

Might be a stupid question but are you doing anything on the court for your workouts?

Ya, I think I put it in my first post of the journsal. I’m playing 2x a week, having harder, intense individual practices 2x a week and having 2 easier shooting/ball handling practices 1-2x a week. Like, for instance, yesterday, I ran 5 on 5 for a couple hours in the afternoon and I’ll be doing the same thing today, but probably for a shorter time.

Parisi Warm-Up
Tempo 6x150

Weighted Chins 6x6
Incline DB Presses 4x8x60
Lat Pulldowns 3x10 w/Face Pulls 3x12
Incline DB Curls 3x8
Floor Presses 2x25

Saturday 4-5
Parisi Warm-up
Tempo 10x125 with 30 second between each
Bodyweight Circuits (Chin-ups, pushups, squats, lunges, split squats)
PNF stretching

Sunday 4-6
Elliptical 25 minutes at a HR of 120-130
Hip Mobility
Full stretch

Haven’t done anything intense since Thursday and I am itching to get back. I was out of town since Friday so I couldn’t really get after anything, but, it was a good break. I feel really fresh and I am literally shaking to really go hard at something. Tomorrow should be fun.

Movement efficiency-some odd angle absorption stuff

20" depth jumps 4x3

Squats 185x5, 205x6, 235x4

Step-ups 2x10x90

RDL’s 3x8x195


Didn’t want to kill myself jumping back into it today. Everything felt good. I was supposed to squat on Saturday, where I’m certain I probably would have hit 245 for 3 but no biggie. Back at it now and back on track.

Also, I am going to be doing for sure two tempo sessions a week for at least th next month, along with increasing the volume considerably each week. I was reading through some archives and saw somewhere Charlie recommended getting up to 10,000-12,000 m of tempo a week so I hope to get there within, maybe 8 weeks. My basketball schedule for the next month will be playing full court 1 day a week, intense individual workouts 2-3x a week and easier (lots of catch and shoots etc. just not going as hard) individual workouts 1-2x a week.

Tuesday 4-8
Parisi warm-up

Elliptical at a HR of 120-130 for 20 minutes

Hip Mobility

PNF Stretching

Wednesday 4-9

Parisi arm-up

Movement efficiency work

Sprints 8x10 yards, 4x20 yards

Bench 155x10, 175x2x3 (didn’t feel good on these, I was going to go higher, but decided against, my assistance stuff felt good and improved so go figure)

Floor Presses 2x15x50

DB Rows 3x10x80

Rear Delts 3x12x15

DB Curls 3x10x35

Shrugs 2x20x80

Thursday 4-10
Biked for 25 minutes at a HR of 120-130


Hip Mobility

PNF Stretching

Worked with the stick, foam roll and a lacrosse ball and tore some sh*t up. lol

10,000-12,000m of tempo per week? Is that really necessary for your level/sport?

If you’re doing 3 tempo days per week that’s up to 4,000m per session… Quite a bit if you ask me! I would work up to 2,000m per session then re-adjust if you feel the need.

where do u see that much tempo at?

I meant yards originally so you can tack off 1,000m or so. lol …But, truthfully, where I’ll be next year, conditioning is as much of a priority as anything else. Being in good shape just won’t do. I need to be in ridiculous, Steve Nash, indefatigable type shape. After this past season, I felt like I wore down as practices and games went on. 10,000-12,000 was more of a goal to shoot for than a definite thing. But, I’m just trying to prepare for what I’ll be experiencing next year which will be hard, intense, physical practices 4-5x a week, where I’ll be nothing more than a rag doll, being thrown around from one thing to the next for nothing more than to get other people better (and that’s if I’m lucky! lol). I want to have the highest work capacity possible to be able to endure that day after day, and come back day after day like the day before was nothing.

Charlie said that to get the tempo volume that high, he would even throw in 1,000 or so meters after a sprinting session to better spread out the high amount of volume. Tomorrow is my first day of really doing tempo so I’m going to shoot for roughly 2,000 yards and based on how I feel, I’ll have a good gauge of where I’ll be going with it in the near future.

A few years ago, North Carolina strength coach Ben Cook studied enough tape to determine that the average basketball player runs about 6,000 yards in a week’s worth of games, so that became the weekly distance of running in the Tar Heels’ preseason conditioning program. To which new coach Matt Doherty essentially said, “Excellent research. Now take that and double it.”

So if you’re in shape for playing two games every game day, one won’t seem so bad?

But, I’m also preparing to walk-on. Playing won’t be m concern. Practices will.

Good points both of you. I underestimate the amount of conditioning a basketball player needs (mainly because I am not a basketball player), but sounds like you are on the right track with goals. Keep it up.