The Race that Shocked the World, BBC Documentary

Obviously on this forum no need to tell which race this is about.
Has some nice archival footage, even a few seconds of Charlie running at the Munich Olympics, and interviews with all 8 finalists.

do you happen to have the time that charlie’s race is run at? I’m curious to see that

Excellent video. It’s damn near like watching speed trap!

I thoroughly enjoyed the thinly-veiled hatchet job this documentary does on “King Carl”, that made my day. I hope I’m not overstepping bounds.

Have you guys read the book by Richard Moore?
On the front cover, there’s a quote by journalist Simon Barnes: “at last the race of races has a book that lives up to it”
I wonder where he was when we were drinking up Speed Trap back in the spring of '91.

I never heard of it. Did you read it? What did you think?

a brilliant documentary…i just wish they were all made like this

I didn’t quite see it like that, Joe Douglas was almost creepy.

Angela was class.

It is hard to get across to anyone who wasn’t alive at the time just how big a story this was. It was HUGE! The biggest sports news of the 20th Century? Certainly right up there.

The bbc have had some excellent documentaries lately, shame soon as Olympics are gone so will the decent programmes

This added to the bolt ones excellently IMO

Thanks for linking this.

Now the bolt one has been blocked on youtube. I knew I should have downloaded it while it was up.

And this one one to the best track documentaries ever. IT was truthful and didnt hide anything. The only person still in denial was carl with his “braces” on his teeth. Ben false started at rome…bologna. He just gave you the bizness!

something made me google “signs o lying”. combine that with a few more things I have learned over the years and you end up with quite a few boxes ticked…

I agree. I wish there had been more of Angella. I think the last 5 minutes of the documentary puts the whole thing into perspective.

Angella is the definition of intensity. If anyone wants to get a taste of what it takes to be world class, do some tempo with her- she may be 52, but she will hand you your ass!

lol, give me an example

lol…no 52 year old is handing my ass…especially in a tempo session…:wink:

Barb Vida (now in Vancouver) is pretty damn fit for an older lady too.

Willie Gault would crush most on this board at 50+. No shame.

That was one of the funniest most subtle hints at Carl and suspected GH use
Excellent piece

I saw this documentary 2 days ago and it was awesome! The best part was when (Sorry, I forgot his name) a sprinter described that he saw a body “fly” ahead when the gun went off in the 1988 100m final. He was referring to Ben obviously.