the proper cues for plyos

can anyone give some cues for doing plyos when jumping over 6-8 inch blocks or cones.An example of the drill will be one when the athlete is doing a two footed jump over cones or blocks. where are shoulders over the hips or directly under. some of the athletes dont seem to get any extention,there leaning forward .

and when doing plyos where the athlete is doing hops over a line ,some of the kids sound like their killing roaches,they seem to be stomping with the toes.

and when going over boxes or blocks that are higher 1-1/12 feet where are the shoulders in relationship to the hips. and should the athlete ever hop over anything that high

Your goal with plyos should always be to minimize ground contact time. Stay springy and use the stretch shortening cycle to bounce out of the jump. If you are powering out, then you probably aren’t getting the right training effect for sprinting.

Personally, rather than hopping over things, I like to use depth jumps which involve dropping down and then springing back up. I use a low box (18" or less) and limited reps. Try to stay on the balls of your feet.