The path of utlimate streetfighter...

The building pyramid of the ultimate streetfighter

On the real base is ‘escaping skill’, 5-400m sprint ing speed :slight_smile:

In the base are boxing and kickboxing skills which are the basis of latter development and have greatest transfer on the street at this level (later they have negative transfer due too much specificity of the ring and sport).
Judo and BJJ teaches body control, balance, floor fighting and grappling. Altought of limited usability on the street they may have transfer at this stage.

On the latter stages are Filipino Kali, Jeet-Kune Do and Wing Tsun (or Chun). They develop ‘trapping’ skills and and ‘hand softness’, which are of troumenduous importance in trapping range

Paul Vunak’ Progressive Fighting System implements this ‘trapping’, ‘gunting’ and other stuff into real-life scenarios. It is awesome ‘tool’

On the top level of development are ‘open’ methods (not skills, arts, techniques) which put the fighter into controled OPEN situation. They are Russina Sistema (some things are awesome, some thing sucks… pick what works best for you) and Perkins KiChunaDo. They teach you how to survive in chaos of street attack. Mmmm…:eek:

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That Chart needs to include one form of Wrestling & Karate, preferable Greco & Kyokoshin. Wing Chun is doesn’t belong in that list- look at number of Wing Chun frighters that get TKO by Muay Thai fighters. The top & middle are good.

What your motive for this? Theoretical or self defense

Did you consult Kimbo in your research:)

I was bored yesterday… heheh

Seemingly very bored :smiley:

In a street fight the wing chung man would do well… I say this purely based on my nephew is has been doing Wing Chung for the last 6 years…He also works in a bar part-time. He has had countless uncounters with rowdy guys sometimes more than 2 at a time!

I did Muay Thai for 5 years and found certain techniques very useful for street fighting…the one area I lacked was the grappling and floor stuff. This where I feel someone like a shoot fighter of Jujitsu fighter would benefit as most street fights end up on the floor.

I laugh when I hear about guys that say they had a fight and it lasted for 5 minutes…any street fight that goes on longer than 20 seconds is called WWE wrestling. ; )

BJJ is awesome tool in Valetudo/Ultimate Fight, but on street fight… if you are on the floor, then stand up ASAP… BJJ might be useful to a certain degree (as box and kickbox), prviding you the skill to ‘get out’ and stand again. This is why boxing and BJJ are a ‘base’ skills. They are usefull at first, but you can get killed if you insistnt on them in the street.

I watched one fight on this ‘lunatic’. Yet again, this is ORGAIZED (street) vale-tudo… bare fists… wrestling… Again, this is not street violence!
Explore the links I provided, especially Perkins KiChuanDo and Vunak’ Progressive Fighting System.

Mauy Thai is based on close fighting, the clinch is the most important skill. I cant see how you could learn MT without learning stand up grappling. Most people learn kickboxing rather then the full art of Muay Thai.

Wing Chun compared to MT or Kyokushin is far inferior fighting sport. Wing Chun looks great but belongs in matrix movies.

I did learn the close up stand up grappling…using knees to the rib cage etc but in a street fight stand up grappling is no good because it leaves you open to head butts and the like…I did another art called Kali to supplement the MT…it helped massively with block and attack combos especially against foes with knives.

In my time fighting/sparring Kick Boxers, I’ve put some good ones away…some may agree and some may disagree but I found their moves very predictable and left them very open for spears,elbows and punch kick combinations…especially if they’re attempting an extravagant spinning back fist.

The Wing Chung block and strike theory can be used very well in a street fight environment…not a ring type event like UFC.

Kali… hmmmm! :slight_smile: (Panantukan, pananjakman, dumog, gunting, nerve destroyings…:eek: ) (

I agree with most of what you said. We are not learning here the art in its totality, but rather using what is most effective on the street. Developing ‘flow’ and ‘sense’ in trapping range with Wing Tsun is one of the usefull things. I don’t care about anything else, history, tradition, and other crap.

I actually ‘developed’ this model after discussing with the guys at kickboxing about effectiness of boxing. Some of them said it is great self defense tool, and some of them said it is crap. Well, then I said: depends on the level of the fighter. Begginers who don’t know how to puch will have the greates and the fastest tranfer. After this initial transfer, specificity of boxing (gloves, ring, guard…) will start to have NEGATIVE transfer on the street. Same thing for Judo, BJJ. This is why they are at the base of the pyramid… they provide basics but after that they are basically crap for the street. I hope you guys get the message.