The Old Horse Project

Hi everyone. This is my second training diary on this forum and I believe I owe much of my success to date, to the ideas and methods discussed here.

Here is my first journal

Some info

Weight: 87Kgs
100m: 10.56
200m: 20.79
400m: 48.77

My next post will outline the work I have done so far. I am 10 weeks into training. I have a great training partner who I coached all though my injury period and still coach now. We have taken him from 11:08-10.47 in the past 2 seasons. He is a great kid and in the start to our third season has already run a PB 10.40 and we are still in GPP under considerable work load (little concerning).
Hopefully I will keep up and have a solid first season back. My first run this season was 11.05 into a 1.3 headwind (not too upsetting… But it was haha)

Oh Henry… ( did you know that is the name of popular chocolate bar in NA? OH HENRY)
So… you were only just a kid when you first started your journal here? Very cool. Actually you are still only a youngster compared to some… Surely I am not speaking of myself but others here for sure.
Welcome back.

Welcome back HENRY, will be interesting to watch your progress and your S to L training outline. Good luck.

You training out a Narabeen ? The track and homebush is terrible.

Hahahaha yes Angela I have dated a Canadian in the past and she thought the ‘oh Henry’ bar was hilarious :slight_smile:

Thanks Grooster, Slowly does it this season. But hope some times to come over the later part of the season.

Sharmer. I’m training all over the place at the moment but train most sundays at Homebush. I agree though both tracks are due for a resurface in the very near furture.

Here go’s a little background for this season.

I am currently in week 10 of a 12 week GPP that follows pretty closely the CFTS model. 3 high 3 low, with hills for the first 4-6 weeks and then progressing to the track/flat running. I have had to gradually incorporate training components as I have progress and felt I can handle the training load. It has been a balancing act at times but I think I am surviving.

I think I should set some goals. I plan to focus on my 100m this season and work on developing my 60m abilities. I’ll run 200m next season.
Build to a full training load
Stay healthy
Pattern drive and acceleration phases
I’d be happy with 10.5/6 this season

As I have said I have run 11.05 into a small 1.3 head and will compete again tomorrow not sure exactly what to expect but it should be fun :slight_smile:

Guess I could post last weeks training: If you have read through my last journal it shouldn’t be too foreign


Weights (Not ideal but other commitments means this is when I have to do them)
Pitcher Squat
Lunges forward+reverse
Back extension

2x60 30/30
2x60 40/20
2x60 50/10

Pool recovery session
Drills and lunges
water running sets
egg beater sets


Travel + warmup and strides


Could you define the following for me:

2x60 40/20


I’m guessing the first means accel 40 and maintain 20, while the second means “finish drill” – you’re just controlling the intensity limits of 60s. Let me know if I’m close to understanding this.

Correct :slight_smile:

Hi all, so after my second race of the season I managed my first sub 11 haha running 10.95. Not too bad everything considered.