The Next Nine Months...

Ok, so football season is over, and now it’s time to figure out what I’ll be doing to improve myself before next season.

Camp starts in late August, so I’ll have roughly nine months to train. I’ve been out of the loop with training for a while for various reasons, but I’m in a better position football wise these days, and I’d like to rededicate myself to the pursuit of strength and speed.

I’ve been searching the forums for the past hour or so looking for training templates and getting caught up on stuff, but I figured it still might be useful to appeal to the masses.

How exactly should I split up my year according to GPP, SPP, etc.? Also, what sort of program would you recommend? I’m a 6’0" 180lb position player, and my goals are speed, strength, and size (as in increased LBS). I’d appreciate any suggestions.


What are your PB’s in the 40, squat, bench, etc. How old are you?

My 40 is about 4.9, and I bench about 215 for a one-rep max. Squat…I’m not sure. Part of the reason for my getting away from working out was because I had a lot of back problems this past summer which basically limited me to upper body lifts. The most I’ve attempted since lifting again was 275x3 I believe, which felt pretty good. I think I could do more, but I didn’t want to push it in-season. However, I do think that my body is in good shape now (backwise), and I shouldn’t be slowed by anything. Oh, and I’m 19.

You need to purchase the CFTS, and the 2002 Forum Review. 6ft, 180 seems big enough for high school, but it looks like speed should be your main focus. What position do you play?

we are talking bout speed over a very short distance he needs to improve his strength ratios, and im very sure he will get faster with very lil running. i would lift 4 days per week with him:

mon: low volume acc work no more then 300m
hang cleans 5x3
heavy squats 5x3-5
spilt squats4x6-8
rev hypers 4x12-15
med ball throws 60-80

tue: light actvitity for example 20min walk
db snatch 4x3
rep bench work 4-5x10-20
db incline 4x6-8
bent row 4x6-10
weighted dips 4x6-10

thur: low volume speed work no more then 300m
box jumps 5-8x2x5
power cleans 5x3
stepups 4x10-12
med throws 60

fri: same as tue
hang snatch 4x3
bp heavy 5x3-5
tri ext 4x8-12
chinups 4x8-10
ham curls 4x8-12
shouder complex 2x10

ut do you think 1x a week squatting is enough in the off-season if you are doing a lot of supp. stuff like you show?

i think so, the above program is nothing but a mod westside, instead of during speed squats etc hes doing pc and box jumps with an unilateral and post chain movement. i think with the ol each day and heavy squat etc i think he would be fine. also i would only have him do the above program for about 6 weeks then change.

I asked CT what he would do with a power/speed athlete (bobsled, short sprinter, etc) not long ago and he told me this:

DAY 1: Lower body 1
DAY 2: Upper body 1
DAY 3: Lower body 2
DAY 4: Upper body 2

Lower body 1
Back squat
Romanian deadlift
Power snatch from hang
Jump squat (20-30% max squat)
Reverse hyper or glute-ham raise

Upper body 1
Bench press
Bent over barbell row
Push press
Weighted chins
Balistic bench press (20-30% max bench)

Lower body 2
Jump squat (20-30% max squat) or Jump lunges (10-15% max squat)
Power clean from blocks
Sumo deadlift
Front squat
Reverse hyper or glute-ham raise

Upper body 2
Balistic bench (20-30% max bench) or speed bench with 45-55%
Weighted pull-ups
Push press
Chest supported DB rowing
Incline bench press

Sprints on the 2 lower body days and possibly tempo on the upper body days. High intensity plyos cycled in and out in 4 week blocks (not always present because of high stress).

too much i wouldnt do it. really dont like ct stuff.

I don’t like the ballistic/speed bench or sumo dl, but what else? I think it looks OK (not great, but ok) for an off-season fb guy, esp. if you need to get bigger.

Main focus for you would be hypertrophy and strength. A simple program like Westside for Skinny Bastards.

It includes a running program and weightlifting program for increasing muscle mass and strength.

I also would recommend Smith’s high/low programmed templates.

lol. what else can i say.

the program u posted is really a CAD, slow to fast one day - fast to slow the other day. i done the cad program its shittty.

That’s what I was thinking. Funny he said a while back he doesn’t likek CAD, but he is still recommending it to people…

How did CAD workout for you? I vaguely remember your journal… VJ went up right, at least at first?

i would only use it for the last 2-3 weeks before ur big workout date and wouldnt do tons of speed workout no more then 250m.

This good/bad?

aw crap. i have just started a cad program and thought it was going to be great. why is CT still pushing it so much if its not so good??
im thinking ill just go with westside for skinny b’s 2 instead.