The most cocky & arrogant Athletes???...

Who would you guys suggest as being the most cocky and arrogant athlete of all time???.. Do you have a top 3/5/ or 10???..

I need some suggestions… Cheers…

That’s easy…Carl Lewis,(cheers X-man!), but only because he had style.
There is a fine line between being cocky and being a jerk and I think Lewis was well aware of it. French cyclist Laurent Fignon however…

I don’t know about all time, but if we’re talking track…John Drummond all the way!!

No! Jon Drummond is a good guy! (He knows how to act though.)

agreed thor! carl lewis was very cocky during competition as all sprinters are but he used it to use it in his favour.he knew he was the best and propably the most talented but what people laughed at was joe douglas’ statement “carl canbe as big as micheal jackson”.people thought that was hilarious.

from the first time i met carl lewis i knew straight away that this guy was special.he has a persona about him,supreme confidence but very approachable and very helpful.down to earth until hes working then thats when you see the more serious side.this was his job and he was brilliant at it,imagine the confidence you’d have in being the worlds best for many years.

i’d call carl lewis the most cocky.don’t forget that this was his job and when someone tries to take away what you have you’d do the exact same thing,its pure natural to defend by any means possible.the crowds loved him and where-ever he went he was always swarmed.texas relays 95 he was swarmed by 200 kids on the infield and signed autographs for every single one of them.took about 30-45mins to clear out

all sprinters are cocky,you say “you cant do that and the reply will be i can!”

But what about guys like Deion Sanders, Muhammad Ali, Ted Williams etc???..

Joe N., I mean cmon he called that he would win the super bowl.

Teddy ballgame…he would hit homers AT people that were heckling at him!

im the cockiest of them all!!!

good point RNR.mohammad ali was one of the cockiest MFer’s around,yet do we bad mouth him for that.another cocky MFer was british boxer chris eubank.he was as arrogant as you could get but whenever he fought millions would watch.retired now a documentary was done on him and at the very end he made a fantastic remark

“although people loved to hate me,i attracted millions of viewers but at the end of the day i entertained you” a statement which was true

probably rock n roll.

“when the gun go off, the race be over.”

Daley Thompson was pretty cocky.

Donovan Bailey was as cocky as they come back when he won the 100m in Atlanta.


Ato!!! Maybe more vain than arrogant. Put something in his website-guestbook he does not like. No real insult. Just that you think he won’t come back or something.
Oups - the same day, even the same hour it gets deleted.

Eubank was a actor, it was a facade carefully set up, like so often in the boxing business…but even in track more and more acting and posing takes place. Sad for the sport.

Depends on the sport. English rugby players have a reputation of being the most arrogant players in the sport. Compare what they say in the media to what Lennox Lewis says in his aftermatch comments and they couldn’t appear more humble.