The Money Or The Gold

How about a discussion on what means more to an elite sprinter, the money & fame or the gold?

My take is that you can`t buy the title of Worlds Fastest Man / Woman…

just an interesting subject, would love to hear comments

well if you get the gold the rest will take care of themselves.fame will follow and with fame you have the monay!

i agree: unless your up there in a position to go for gold, noones gonna be paying you the big dollars anyway.

tho there are exceptions to this rule: matt shirvington being a noticeable one.

why, is Matt making alot?

he was promised $1m if he can break 10sec

haha, i doubt it, i think he`s way past even breaking 10.05. Macro is probably the best bet for now…

I read that Matt sold his house a couple of years ago for something like $900, 000 AU. He’s definitely financially comfortable.