The mens 100-meter final videos.

I have managed to get hold of some video-clips of the mens olympic 100-meter final. Four of the clips are of the actual race, while the rest show the runners before and after. The last two files are in zipped format.
There is no sound and the quality is not as sharp as usual, but the size is bigger.
As usual you have to save the files first, to be able to view everything.
Get the files here:


Thank you for the link. The picture quality is just fine and i really like to different angles and slow mo stuff. As for the no sound…well beggars can’t be choosers.

One comment that i have not seen made and maybe i’m wrong, but as i see it Mo the GOAT was too heavy. I don’t mean that he was out of shape or fat or anything, but just slightly too heavy. The last time he ran in Athens, at the Worlds a number of years back he was much more defined and slightly leaner, at least to me. He looked like this go round he struggled just slightly over the last 20 meters and in this event afew extra pounds, even if it’s muscle could be costly if its not necessary muscle. I’d be curious what his weight was this go round vs. the Worlds in Athens or at Sydney.

Anyways, again thank you for the videos :smiley:


you are the GOAT :wink: