The Long Awaited Highly Anticipated James Colbert Training Journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its here, its here!!! the long awaited journal. and after you read this you will know everything i know you wont need any theoretical knowledge and the best thing is it will work for everybody you will all drop half a second from your 100m time by following this plan. it works for everyone even cats and dogs.

session 1 AM
100% max squat w/ groin functional EMS - 20 sets
ice massage groin 1/2- 2 min
15 sets of single or double dynamic effort glute ham raise
300% bench press over speed eccentric 25 sets

30 min rest

session 2 PM
runway EMS stim while performing 5 min iso lunge

rebound lunge w/ russian lunge to altitude drop 45 degree turn back to rebound lunge repeat 50 times

45 min iso pull up

dumbell benchpress one pec EMS with 50% of max dumbell bench press the othe rpec with 130% overspeed concentric.

whooo it was a tuff day but got a lot of good work done tomorrow there are 3 sessions.

:cool: :smiley: This is good stuff!! You must be Superman!!

thanks man i forgot to mention im on a diet of completly mint jelly and soy sauce packets

is that serious?

  1. you mean 20 singles with ems…where?
  2. single glute ham?
    1 leg?
  3. 300% benche eccentric??
    so…if you becnh 400lbs, 1200???

4)what is runway ems?
45min iso???
6)db benche…50% and 130%??
how do you use ems during exercise???

Hey I love soy sauce!!! :smiley: This looks like a great plan. I’m gonna give this a shot. I’ll report back later tonight.

Great work james, keep us all upto date. What is the 45min iso pull up?

I can’t tell if everyone gets the joke, or not? :smiley:

yes and no…
I understand it is a joke., but why?
It doesn’t make sense…if it is ajoke, then probably there is nothing serious about this training…if someone post a training journal on this site, it is seriuos, i’ve nevere read a fake journal and I do not see why we should start now.
ther eis place on the off topic session.

Please post in the correct section of this site, you are no different than any other member, members looking for realistic training of people who take the time to be considerate and help other on this site by posting actual journals should not have to deal with this here. Thank you.

first off u guys need to chill out it was a joke and i will make a real journal but i thought it was important to point out how completly ludicrous this entire situation is getting. really guys a poll on if ill start a journal come on. u guys are taking this really to seriously. “you shouldnt post that stuff here its not right blah blah blahb yackaty yackaty” come on you got to laugh at yourself cause from my end its like watching a bunch of circus clowns falling out a a mini car and then stubbling and bumbling around the center ring.

tha being said i will start a legit journal but let me also say im doing it for those of you who are genuine in your request and respectful. not the assholes who believe they can discredit me and pressure me into doing something. keep in mind i know what im doing you dont, so who is this for? in case u didnt get that that means im doing it for you not for me and i can do without the insults are the attempts to goad me into doing something. ask anyone who has PM me or instant messaged me ill aswer every single question u ask address every point of contention and discuss anything with you. do you know how many times ive responded to PM asking how to perform an iso lunge. crap i got 3 today and each time i typed up the description. and im happy to do it as long as its in the spirit of good will.

basically im not gunna deal with bull. again im doing this for u and im happy to do it but as soon as it becomes a chore instead of a joy im gunna stop pure in simple cause theres nothing for me to gain.

P.S. popequin nice dirty pillow under boob shot.

what the hell are you talking about

dud it was a joke chill im talking about ur avatar.

i understood the joke part, i just didnt understand the meaning of it, it wasnt anger, thats just how i talk, hard to get meaning without being face to face, just like half the people didnt understand the first post was intended as a joke

we’ll wait, but I still believe that in the journla section there should be just seriuos journals