The Impact of Rest Duration on...

S. Seiler and K.J. Hetlelid (2005). The impact of rest duration on work intensity and RPE during interval training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37, 1601-1607.

Purpose: to investigate the effect of rest duration on self-selected intensity, physiological responses and RPE during a standardised, high-intensity interval training prescription.
Subjects: nine well-trained male runners (VO2max 71+/-4 performed three treadmill interval training sessions running at constant 5% inclination. Six 4-min work bouts with either 1-, 2-, or 4-min recovery periods were performed in each session. Sessions were prescribed as “high-intensity” workouts with the goal being to achieve the highest possible average running speed for the work intervals. Subjects regulated their work and rest intensity based on these instructions. In a fourth interval session, subjects self-selected recovery time in response to a fixed intensity.
Results: running velocity increased slightly (14.7+/-0.7 vs. 14.4+/-0.8 km.h-1), when rest increased from 1 to 2 min, but showed no further increase with a 4-min rest (14.7+/-0.6 km.h-1). Work VO2 was slightly higher with a 2-min rest duration compared with 1 and 4 min (66.2+/-4.2 vs. 65.1+/-4.2 and 64.9+/-4.7 Peak blood lactate was similar (6.2+/-2.6, 6.8+/-2.9 and 6.2+/-2.6 mmol.l-1) across conditions, whereas peak RPE was slightly lower during the 4-min rest condition (17.1+/-1.3, 17.7+/-1.5, 16.8+/-1.5). With self-selected recovery time and no knowledge of elapsed time, the average rest duration was 118+/-23 sec.
Conclusions: under self-paced conditions, varying rest duration in a range of 1 to 4 min had limited impact on performance during repeated 4-min high-intensity exercise bouts. Approximately 120 sec of active recovery may provide an appropriate balance between intracellular restitution and maintenance of high VO2 on-kinetics.

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