The Guru Thread ... Strength Training for the 40 Yd Dash

The Top 5 Strength Exercises for Speed Development
Strength Training for the 40-Yard Dash

Table 1
Top 5 General Strength Preparation exercise for the 40 Dash

  • Petersen Step-Up
  • Low Pulley Split Squat with/without Wobble-board
  • Lying Leg Curl
  • Leg Curl Kneeing
  • Seated Good Morning

Table 2
The Top 5 Specific Strength Preparation Exercises for the 40 Yard Dash

  • VMO Front Squat
  • VMO Back Squat
  • Front Squat with Chains/Bands
  • Back Squat with Bands or Chains
  • Lunge Step-Up Combo

Table 3
Top 5 Exercises for the 40-Yard Dash

  • Mid Thigh Power Snatch
  • Above Kneecap Power Cleans
  • Push Jerk
  • Snatch Pulls from Various Starting positions
  • Clean Pulls from various Starting Positions

Pre Event
2-3 weeks pre-event Power Phase should end
3 Days Active Rest pre-event
Spend 2 Days in Gym 1 week prior to Event
Spend 3 Days in Gym 2 week prior to Event
Spend 4 Days in Gym 3 week prior to Event

If you have 3 Months Training you need a 1 week Taper
If you have 6 Months Training you need a 2 week Taper
If you have 12 Months Training you need a 3 week Taper

where did you get that from

Looks like a CP type of program.

Leg curls? Wobbleboards? Are you allowed to run?

Charlie, your being sarcastic again!

No that wouldn’t be specfic enough.

It’s so specific, we skipped the need for running at all.

But seriously, someone please get the thread back on track. My personal feelings with CP type programs is that they require manipulation if you are not a complete coach. Adjusting volume primarily and working on mechanics is very important for non-elite athletes.

What kind of mechanics if you don’t run? surfing the wobbleboard?

Of course the bottom line is that no one needs to pay to find out how to run … but they do need to know exactly what a VMO Front Squat is!

lol. just do normal squats. im starting to lose interest in the fsq.

All you post is rubbish.

Why is a debate over the value of a front squat rubbish? Is speed and acceleration front or back dominant?

BTW, what’s a “complete coach”?

He lives in the same street as The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and ‘The Perfect Woman’

Next door to the perfect woman? Well, then, all we need to do is find the coach’s address and then go next door!

A complete coach is one that does not offer his athletes incomplete development due to:

  1. Laziness
  2. Lack of intelligence/education and/or experience (and the combination of the two)
  3. General preference for the things he/she is good at and great disdain for those things he/she cannot train/coach/do/or charge money for.

E.G. The olympic weightlifting coach teaching sprinters that there is no need to sprint, the answer is in weightlifting. Charlie’s approach is complete (and then some) and you can argue that most good to great coaches can offer complete development if given the right conditions (CP can claim some success, despite criticism and/or controversy, his athletes do improve and perform well). Coach Michael Boyle says, “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Option 3 sounds like the real explanantion.
Success is a relative thing.
Are you good because your incomplete program is better that the other incomplete programs?

World records always help to define success :slight_smile:

Not to a real GURU. I think success would be measured by Dunn and Bradstreet!

I had a coach that could be defined by all 3, the result slower times and a injury. Intelligence is a huge part of being a good coach. Knowing when to stop thinking you know everything and listen to others. But sadly for some thats impossible