The Great DVD vs VHS Poll

How many of you own DVD’s players? Charlie’s new training video will be in DVD format and will launch November 10th (or sooner). If you don’t have a DVD player, stop what you are doing and get one now to watch what promises to be a knockout training series.

Woo Hoo bring it on.

i love my XBOX.

Good effort

November 5th Matrix
November 10th Charlie’s new dvd
November 27th Thanksgiving(few days off from school)
Look like November is going to be a good month for me.

Will you be able to cater for region coding? Some of the US DVDs that friends send don’t work in my DVD, but others do. I wonder if when you burn it, you can burn for all regions?

you need to be buying a multizone dvd player from cabbramatta, dcw hhehe

Is this volume 3 and 4 of the Vancouver seminars or a new video all together? Also do you have an idea about the $$$ for the DVD?

If the ripped DVD was burned on a DVD-RW or DVD-R and NOT a DVD+RW or DVD+RW then you should be ok. DVDs ripped on a DVD+R and DVD+RW don’t seem to play on most DVD players they just don’t seem as standard I find. In case you didn’t see it, the differences are the + and - which are different coded formats.

Hi folks,

All major regions are supported (for DVD), its directly related to authoring product you are using. I’ll get a list of supported countries shortly.



Is this a new seminar series or tapes 3 and 4 from Vancouver or both???


Hi Craig, Members

The DVD is brand new, created from the bottom up as directed by Charlie. We’re going into final editing shortly, expect some screenshots.

As for price, this dvd will cost $59.99 and has nothing to do with Vancouver Series.

Hope this helps,


wow sounds sweet!

Awesome, please don’t push back the release date!!!

A PS2 and Region X and your sorted :slight_smile: