100m - Final - Men (16 August, Beijing) Status: participants
Rank Name NOC Result
2 Michael Frater JAM
3 Darvis Patton USA
4 Usain Bolt JAM
5 Richard Thompson TRI
6 Walter Dix USA
7 Asafa Powell JAM
8 Marc Burns TRI
9 Churandy Martina AHO

great lane for Dix. would have been the most interesting final by far if Gay wasn’t crip.

i say look out for Churandy to get a medal.

ha, everytime the image goes to the warmup track usain is doing a 50m, let’s hope he goes tired :stuck_out_tongue:

MJ is already talking S*** on bbc television.why oh why ian’t he over in the states talking on US television

What is that pompous windbag saying?

omg, were they prayin’ ??
all 8 of 'em. damn :slight_smile:

i turned the volume down cause its him and colin jackson doing the talking…:mad: :mad: :mad: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Powell has lane 7!!?? God what a crazy race this is gonna be. :smiley:

9.68!!!usain bolt!!!

Bolt could have done it in 9.60

holy shit amazing and at 85m starting looking around



looking around, waving hands around over last 20m. Wind was0.0!
Thompson 2nd in 9.89
Dix 3rd in 9.91
Powell 5th…again…


Bolt was amazing, just amazing. And Asafa 5th.

Good 3rd place for Dix.

0m wind…
started looking around

good god!

OMG, Bolt is amazing to say the least, will he break MJ’s 200m WR?:rolleyes:

Well I had thompson at 9.89 orginally lol. What a crazy race. Are the full results up yet.

Asafa had a horrendous race. Dix almost beat him out of the blocks.

What time did he run?

1 4 Usain Bolt JAM 9.69 (WR) 0.165
2 5 Richard Thompson TRI 9.89 (PB) 0.133
3 6 Walter Dix USA 9.91 (PB) 0.133
4 9 Churandy Martina AHO 9.93 (NR) 0.169
5 7 Asafa Powell JAM 9.95 . 0.134
6 2 Michael Frater JAM 9.97 (PB) 0.147
7 8 Marc Burns TRI 10.01 . 0.145
8 3 Darvis Patton USA 10.03 . 0.142