The Downside of Reaching Max Velocity

Not sure if any of you have seen this video, but I think the girl in this video should have signalled for a “fair catch.”

holy S***! is that szabo the 10,000m girl who got the wack

certainly looks like her.

as a young boy @ school i was always thought to look left then right before crossing the road!

that looks like how most of the people in the NFL tackle these days

Yes it’s Szabo, but I certainly wouldn’t call her a 10,000 girl. I’m not even sure she has ever competitively raced at that distance, and if she has, it has been rather infrequent.

Szabo is a twig, how badly was she hurt? looks so bad…but i can’t look away!

Had stuff on her mind, maybe:

One of my pet peeve is people walking across the track when I’m doing starts. It’s like they have no concept of the danger!

Also, look at the expression on the guy, in the orange, face in the background. Hilarious :smiley:

That video is both scary and really funny at the same time.

Remember…always look both ways before crossing the track kids.


Funny that nobody mentions Ivet Lalova who broke her leg after a similar accident during the warm up in Athens. Lalova fell after trying to avoid someone crossing the track. She is unfortunately out for the rest of the season.

:cool: I laughed. That’s truly sad but funny. Reminded me of that one time when my team’s fastest 100m runner was getting timed in his 40yd dash when the coach’s dog ran right across him. The good thing is no one was hurt. The dog was probably scared shitless though having a 180lv machine leaping across him. It was a puppy too :smiley:

i am surprised there are not more accidents like that. Some of these track meets are like a zoo, especially indoor ones. It usualy seems like its always the distance runners that tend to walk across the the throwing sector during the 35lb weight throw.

Call her the 3000 or 5000m girl then. She ran the 5th and 9th best times over the 2 distances ALL TIME :wink:

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