The demands of football training

Hey guys !
A couple months ago, for the first time of my life I started playing football in 2 groups. Tackle and Flag.
Because I have extensive basketball and track background I was able to fit in pretty quickly as WR/Safety… So far it’s been great, but for the past 2 months I have been training with a high-power acceleration of some sort ALMOST EVERY DAY.

The QB always wants to practice the “skill” of routing and catching with maximum speeds so it’s specific to the objective (well that’s what he wants), coaches also demand 100% performance on every time and of course there’s my own training which is sprinter-like but more accel-oriented with less sprinter skill work (top end, special endurance)

For example last week was:

Sunday - 3 hours routing no gear (game+skill work)
Monday - Catch work with less routing, but a lot of jumping to balls… + dunks
Tuesday - Squats etc, 6-10 range + catch work
Wednesday - 1 hour dunks, 2 hours 1x1 routing no gear
Thursday - Leg weights again
Friday - Accel work (sled, plyos, blocks) + COD cone work.

So basically my question is, can you have relatively “high” powered “low” days IF top speed isn’t trained ?
Then, when I get the essence of catching balls done, I can reduce this volume to back to regular.

I just feel like I need frequency to get the “feel” of the game, and I learned basketball by playing it at age 8 hours a day… Problem is, football is much harsher than ball… I want frequency, but it comes with insane intensity.

Over the two month’s , what have you achieved physically?

Let’s think… I lost about 2kg of bodyweight with the same diet, I am able to accelerate to a good degree on a daily basis (go from a 3.6 30m PB, I am able to 3.8 daily), and of course, I improved as a wide receiver, I route better on the field, and I catch more balls.

I’m not sure if I improved my maximum acceleration… I will measure tomorrow and see if I can go a low 3.6 HT which should be a 3.9x FAT 30m judging by past measures, in that case I’ll be very very happy.

Learning new skills, typically, everything you do is High intensity.

As you learn, adapt, you can start to mold your training into traditional High / Low days.

You could find, for 6 x months you’ll improve your football ability by using such a plan.

However, long term - once that “honeymoon” period is over, really try and focus your training into a plan you know allows for Speed, skill, strength, conditioning and RECOVERY.

Thanks man, obviously starting a new game like that with existing strength and sprint skills can cause a little trouble… Most kids over there were born with a football and developed all skills simultaneously.

Just needed that “good to go” so that I keep training with confidence :slight_smile:

I’ve been training for flag football, just rec games, and I do it hi-lo. I worked up to full speed positional drills/routes as acceleration and then throw in some 30’s and 60’s or speed change drills to finish the hi days. Add throws and plyo. Add weights if you want, I don’t do a lot of weights and frequently skip them. I got all of this from James.

Where are you located ? There’s the flag europeans in September (italy)… Could be cool to see you there

BTW you mean you run routes for 2 hours, finish, then do some more sprints and plyos and go home ?

I’m in the US and don’t have freak skills.

I would run some routes or DB drills or both and then finish with standard accels or max v sprints or EFE/FEF. Then the the typical throws and plyo and a few weights. Typical CF.

You want the total volume of positional drills/routes + sprints to equal roughly the total volume of your typical sprint workouts.