The Cost Of War

have a look at this frightening set of figures the counter turns over at over US$200 million a day

Wow, imagine how many Twin Towers they could have RE-built?
Imagine using that money towards building Your own country bigger and better for everybody inside of that country. Then when Osama looks in, he notices how much better off you are because of His crazy ideals. He would think twice about doing something so crazy! It like, if you get real mad road rage and ram some dudes 2000model car - you feel fantastic, then, insurance buys that guy a brand new car to replace the bashed in model… Then you would feel like crap!

You’re missing the point. It is precisely the cost and thus the ability to profit that caused the war in the first place. Halliburton is Cheney, Bechtel is Rumsfeld, and so on.
Osama?? Anyone hot on his trail? He’s the boogyman Bush, Cheney, and pals need to keep the war machine going. If they’d killed him when they had him cornered in Tora Bora, do you think the American public would have tolerated an adventure into Iraq? That why they had to withdraw forces and let him slide away.
Now this crew has 18 months left to start a war with Iran. Let’s hope the American people can hold them off till they can vote them out.

In other words,
the war creates jobs
Army clothing
gun manufacture
bulliet maunufacture
gun design
special food/packing
army vehichel manufacture
they are all sub contracted out to private business. Even those companys contract out;
employment agencies
machining parts
Cad Drawing
truck delivery
train delivery
This also creates people moving from one town to another town due to work advantages in that town, so,
housing needs to be built
council rates go up
land development
extra power - so building more power stations
extra water
People have more $$ so they buy new;
And the cycle keeps going…

Spoken like a true Canadian.

Defence profits make a very poor means to stimulate an economy. There’s plenty to do already. How about rebuilding the nations schools and New Orleans?

People should see Why We Fight:

^^^An examination of the US defence establishment. Well researched, with lots of info from Washington insiders.

interesting quote from former CIA agent Chalmers Johnson “when war becomes this profitable your going to see more of it”

frightening stuff indeed

Check the response by another wuss- President Eisenhower, who warned against the Military Industrial Complex in 1960

And get ready for it too - Hitler found out quite fast how you can’t open war on two many fronts.
Of course the Democrats don’t seem to be able to do anything to stop him - even after being voted in!

Things are spinning out of control.
Britain is set to announce a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. This appears to be the Brits’ only option as they clearly are not looking for the escalation Bush wants but have no influence to prevent it and they know they will be more embroiled unless they set limits.

Yes - to be fair to Britain they have plenty of experience from the Northern Ireland scenario - and they know that long-term wars with Guerillas insurgents (or whatever you want to call them … natives even!) is not one that can be one - and certainly not one to be won thousnads of miles away.

British forces are far more skilled in peace-keeping situations too in my opinion.

As the French philosopher once said: “A true paranoid is a man in possession of all the facts.”
Cheney commented about the antiwar sentiment in America: “The mood can easily shift if there is another attack!”

Jee Charlie are you saying that you think there might be another attack leading up to the election, helping elect another republican president who will continue the war. Who would do such a thing :rolleyes:

Of course, we might have another Republican happen to be johnny on the spot, just like he showed up in London- Guliani.

Gee, I’m starting to scare myself.

You know im just waiting for the moment when Bush comes out and says “God speaks to me in my dreams and tells me to fight bad guys”

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”

I believe Hilary was the one with the dreams. Only it wasn’t God, it was Eleanor.