The correct way to move your legs when sprinting

I’m curious to each member’s take here on proper sprinting mechanics. I remember an older sprinter telling me that all you need to really worry about is driving the foot back into the ground in a fairly straight line during max velocity sprinting and not consciously try to push into the ground/extend your hips too much as this increases ground contact time and actually slows you down. Any tips/help would be appreciated as I haven’t been sprint training for very long. Thank you.

I would agree that trying to push into the ground and extend hips is likely to slow you down. What sprinters will “feel” will change with their speed. What sort of times are you running? I think you’ve posted times before, but I can’t recall for sure.

Max v you should feel like your marching, up and down. If you try to force into the ground like rainy said, you will run slower.

Thanks for the reply. I actually went through some of my older posts here and found some very in depth answers to this thread. My apologies for unnecessary thread in many ways, but thankfully there aren’t any trolls here, unlike many other training forums. As for times, I don’t think I’ve posted any here before. I don’t have a way to get a FAT time, and I mentioned in previous posts that I’ve never competed in track as I played basketball in school before. My goal in regards to the vertical leap would be to achieve 40 inches, which I’m sure many people would agree is fairly elite, top tier status?

Thanks for the reply, the marching up and down is a very easy to understand cue. I will work on that more.

google kelly bagget. He is a guy does alot of work in regards to jumping