The Reunion - 10 Years Later


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Video - Cool.*
The email today from him is off a little, however.* Charles Staley came up with Horizontal Summation after watching Charlie present Vertical Integration and basically, re-named/ stole it. He first wrote about it on TNation…I believe.*
That’s why Charlie stopped writing for TNation nearly 20 years ago. Charlie confronted him online about it and CS denied it. He pulled a Kenny Mac or did K Mac pull a Staley?*
I used a lot of what I learned on this site in the early 2000s in Meetings that made me look good at work in cut-throat Silicon Valley.**

CF stopped writing for t-mag or t nation in early 01, IIRC bc of the BS.

The Case of Coach Staley

Please find the materials regarding the case on Coach Staley.

From Charlie Francis

Staley admits he met with me and discussed this very topic before he wrote the article, but claims I told him I "was exposed to these concepts by Verkhoshansky.?

What does Dr. Verkhoshansky say about my work?

Quote from the Speed & Power Mailing List, March 28 2002

In response to the question:

?Any list members having exposure to this concept??


?Yes, I have, and would like to support Charlie Francis on an idea that was worked out by him?

Yuri Verkhoshansky
Ph.D., Professor, Academician, effective member and Vice President
of Department of Sport pedagogy at the International Academy of
Informatization(Moscow), member of International Association of Sport Kinetics (Poland) And President of Italian Section of International Association of Sport Kinetics, member of the International Sport Science Association (USA), Professor at the University of Tor Vergata (Rome), scientific consultant of the National Olympic Committee of Italy.

Apart from the fact that Staley’s assertion is not true, (which I doubt he forgot, as he was able to transcribe most of our conversation verbatim), it speaks volumes. In effect he’s saying: " I lifted this stuff from Verkoshanski, not Charlie."

My first and only interaction with Dr. Verkhoshansky was during my presentation at a speed seminar in Holland in late 1994, when I presented the Vertical Integration material there.

As I told Staley, Dr. Verkhoshansky questioned me at great length about how the high intensity training elements were being managed simultaneously. I explained the smooth transitions between training phases, the staggered introduction of the intense elements, and the rise and fall in emphasis, and, to illustrate, I presented the graph which appears on page 98 of the Charlie Francis Training Manual, first copyrighted in 1987. He helped to solidify the arguements and was very gracious and complementary.

I am enclosing this graph and a slide from a power-point presentation of the same material. You can see the staggered rise and fall of the elements in the graph- most clearly in the introduction of Max Strength EMS after the commencement of the Max Strength Weight phase, and the varying degrees of emphasis shown on the top of the graph for speed work - heavy emphasis 0 to 30, moderate emphasis 30 to 60. Look familiar?

[b][u]Staley has re-named this “Horizontal Summation” but it’s the same stuff. Apparently he feels that changing the title allows him to help himself to my material (and, from his remarks here, apparently Verkhoshanski’s as well).

All that was required was for Staley to reference where his material came from, especially in light of the spirit in which it came to him. He could still step up and do that.
Chris Shugert from T-Mag tells you I’m paranoid. Perhaps this tale tells you I’m not paranoid enough![/u][/b]

-Charlie Francis

I used to work with someone that would always steal my ideas and present them as his own. Our Boss V.P. who is still a great resource to me, never believed him at all and would humiliate him in front of everyone. It was War everyday in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s late 90s. I welcomed it.
I’ve also had so-called “mentors” regurgitate what I told them the last time I met with them back to me. Needless to say, they were no longer in my circle after that.

There were so many copy cats after the forum was created. do a search on sprinting/sprint training before this site was created…not much at all on yahoo.


Charlie Francis said:
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I could do with a definition of height and breadth in relation to CNS…
Read some of the above posts. This is just my interpretation of a pheniminon so you won’t find anything in Websters! (Yet- it usually takes 20 years or so for my stuff to be accepted generally- but a lot less to get rippped off by Staley or some other guru who does his ‘best original work’ at a coffee shop late at night.)