the biomechanics involved in agility or COD

Obviously taller people have less agility and COD, but why? is it because of how big there feet are? I can’t see how leg length will have anything to do with cod or agility, but i am no expert. or maybe its just taller people have more muscle fibers, but still have the same motor unit; which will make them less coordinated?

Higher COG.

And longer levers…

what is “cog” I tried looking for it, but no luck

Longer levels?

ummm not sure what your getting at saying taller people have less agility. Well what do you mean by tall (over 6 feet)? Look at basketball players, football players.

As a rule, the larger the warm-blooded animal, the less agile they are. Think about how agile mice and squirrels are compared to us, and us compared to large mammals. Even within the NBA, the smaller players have the ability to change direction more quickly. The fact that there are agile NBA players that are quite tall is an anomaly - the reason they get paid so much is that their athletic abilities are extraordinary.