The best stopwatch and running watch...

I am going to buy some good hand-watch that can be used in running (multiple timers, alarms, split 50x etc…), I am asking if anyone have a recomendation? Same thing with coach stopwatch?
I am thinking to buy Nike Triax 50 Aluminium, anyone have it?..

Ive got the triax speed 50. It is this one but I have the russian version. They mad 4 different models which eastbay used to carry. They had USA, Japan, Kenya, and Russia. I liked the russia one better than USA Because the blue was lighter. Eastbay no longer carries them but you can find the USA one here.

Tnx quick! It is similar model but it is not the same (i got pictures of both on my pc)! What is your experience with it? Satisfy? Fill your needs?
Tnx in advance

No problems. Completely satisfied. Splits ect. its all I need. Style … nice.
Any other questions my man?

Just one…
I had a Freesryle Shark watch before 5 years, but after couple of years my watch belt (the thing that goes around your arm) broked/cracked. Because it has a strange design I couldn just go to a watch store to fix it and I couldnt order it…
I am interested in durability of the watch especially its belt?
BTW Tnx quick for bothering… just want a safe money invest :wink: