The Beep Test

I am watching the British Columbia Junior Women’s hockey team doing “The Beep Test.” Way to develop a hockey team, Canada!

Why not tell us what this is about?


Um yeah, it’s a standard test for hockey players that has them run in a real game situation straight for approx 8-15 mins depending on the level of cardio.

Drives me crazy to think I’m training hockey players to be more explosive and have more power. Then they go to the BC Best ever tryouts only to be subjected to a test that has nothing to do with their sport. Apparently the Kariya’s scored an 18 on this test. I could be wrong but that’s the legend. A good score is 11-12.

How about a standing jump, 30 yard dash and a med ball throw. Maybe side-side jump as well.

david beckham had an unreal score i heard i cant remember what it was an even number like 20 or 30

Although I disagree with the specifics of the test, if you train CF style you should do very well in it. You’ll be coasting like a tempo session while everyone else is crying about how hard it is. At the end it might be pretty pointless when you get into the medium intensity stuff.

Even though I appreciate the good chuckle when I hear about different testing philosophies of coaches, is there really a legitimate way to measure an athletes general endurance without getting into medium intensity stuff??

Are we talking about the Intermittent Beep Test or the Continuous?

I’m not sure what they call it but the one that has you run back and forth and it continually shortens in duration between beep intervals until you can’t keep up.

When the Edmonton Oilers did testing, Gretzky was by far the weakest guy on the team. And I wonder if Brett Hull would have done well on anything involving running :rolleyes:

Yeah, you’ve gotta feel for Brett. He complained so much during his years as a player, then they change the league and he’s to slow to keep up. Sad.

Like I said, with the speed and explosiveness in the game even more crucial, I don’t see why they don’t concentrate more on the power movements anyway. They can have the guys on the bikes when they get to camp and have everything layed out for them during the season. It’s pretty easy to get your wind up during the season not your explosiveness. It usually diminishes. I’m not saying show up to camp out of shape but if you’re sure you’re gonna make the team, the season is for some guys almost 9 months long. Why peak in Oct?