Thanks Guys

I’d like to thank all of you here at CF for the help I recieved in developing myself both as an informed runner, and as a stud athlete. Without this website and the resources to which I gained access because of, I know that I would have been just another punk kid, with a bit of talent.

I have less than 2 weeks before I go to the league championships and start my path to sectionals, maybe even state.

800: I’ve improved so much in this event it is frightening. 2:12.5-1:57.9 in ONE season. I hope to drop the time again, by a whole second. That will get me into Central Coast Section finals and break the F/S record by 1.6 seconds.

400: My event of choice last year was the 4. I was a pure 400 runner, with only a few occassions where I ran a 200 or an 800. With the amount of endurance and strength training I have done, I was really surprised how hard it was to improve my times. 53.22 in 2003, and my current PR is 51.3.

Wish me luck as I head down this treacherous path of success.

Excellent results already - good luck and don’t forget that it was ur own implementation of knowledge that got u the good results.

Here’s a tracking of my progress since:
Date Meet Time Split
Feb 20 Simplot: 2:06 61-65
Mar 20 W. V. Relays: 2:02 61-61
Mar 27 Standford: 1:59 57-62
Apr 10 Arcadia: 1:57 58-59
Apr 29 Alisal Fest: 1:58 58-60

As you can see, I have progressed smoothly and periodically this year. What can be inferred from this is I achieve PR’s in a two race process. I run the first lap very quickly, then I run the second lap just barely holding on. The following race I run roughly the same kind of blinding first lap followed by a lap that is near the same speed. I figure that right now I’m on the verge of another breakthrough, say 1:56.