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Note to Members

A review of our private message system has shown some terrible results for this month.

Without getting into specifics, several members will now see their accounts closed for abuse of 1) our system , 2) our policy, 3) harrassing our members.

WAKE UP. Was it really worth it? Do you not think we monitor activity here?




I didn’t know private messages are monitored.

Is there a sticky topic anywhere, with rules & regulations? I’m not aware of the rules.

We are playing BIG BROTHER here… Private messages are PRIVATE! :mad:

You’d think that private meant you’re not being monitored, it’s misleading.

It’s their site, up to them.

If the admins are going to monitor PM’s, I think everyone should be aware of this before sending PM’s.

Do admins also monitor e-mails sent via the forum?

Everything is monitored. With respect to your privacy, your messages are private but for obvious reasons (like one of our members being threatened…etc) we log everything to ensure our system isnt being abused.

If you’re not abusing our system, you have little to be concerned about.