Thanks Dereck and Charlie

Just wanted to thank Dereck and Charlie for an enlightning experience, learned more practical information in two days than I thought possible. Answers to questions that created doubt in my taining methodology were finaly confronted, and a clearer sharper focus will help me improve as a coach. I can’t thank you enough Charlie for sharing with us some of your lifes work, and hope you know the impact you have in shaping and improving the training of athletes around the world. Looking forward to learning more from everyone here at Charlie, and keeping in touch with the new friends I met at the conference.
Thanks again,
Dan LaJoie

Ditto for me gentlemen-superb!

What can i say it was fantastic and for me it was worth the trip. Thanks to Number 2, Charles and Charlie himeslf for all the information patience and ability to explaine everything i a Scieectific manner. To all the the people that attended all i can say is Keep working hard and use the infromation you have wisely. Knowledge is Power.

Thanks Afixs

Thanks to all who attended- and to you Afixs for coming all the way from Europe!

hey afix iw ent and checked those 4x400 times we where debating who where the 4 on the world record team@!

2:54.20 United States USA 1 Uniondale 22 07 1998
(Young Jerome, Pettigrew Antonio, Washington Tyree, Johnson Michael)

2:54.29 United States 1 Stuttgart 22 08 1993
(Valmon Andrew, Watts Quincy, Reynolds Harry, Johnson Michael)

i knew pettigrew was on there!! hehe:D

How was your flight?

Which one were you?

Flight was fine and all is well . Thanks a lot for the shipping around and keep in touch privately.

Sorry I missed it this year. Was the seminar recorded for video production?

It was but I don’t know how well the recording equipment held up! :wink: The first reason for this is that one of the demonstrations led to a big medball mic accident. The second reason is that the members present decided it would be best if Dr. Evil would place such valuable information in a timecapsule.

The ETA of the capsule returning to earth is uncertain but rest assured it will be in time before the next seminar in Vancouver so that future members may study it, analzye it, and conjecture their theories on the various material so that Dr. Evil can say to them at the seminar,

Nope that’s 100% wrong. That guy that told you that, what’s his name _________ is a f***** moron you don’t do a 1 RM before sprinting, I don’t where they get these ingenious ideas. You would think by now that people understood the idea of periodization, looking back at the Olympics obviousely not. You don’t give the athletes *damn cell phones so that their mommy and daddy can give their expertise knowledge of what their son/daughter is doing wrong right before the final, worse yet is the broadcast announcer voicing his opinion on why so n so messed up in the heats right before running in their final. Changing your blocks before the final bc your genious coach decided that you have a stronger right leg as opposed to your left leg. :wink:

LOL as always this part let alone the actual seminar was worth every penny. Here’s a tip if you have a choice between Eddie Murphy performing at your local arena or Dr. Evil’s seminar, CHOOSE THE SEMINAR. HANDS DOWN YOU WON’T FIND A FUNNIER COMDIAN AND COMEDY TO LAUGH WITH. :eek:

P.S. Some of this post is completely BS but is inline with what was discussed, I let the readers figure out which is which.