Terminator 3

Very well done. PERIOD. great job Mario Kassar you made it work fantastic movie.

yea the acting was OK but the villains all looked like the guys who didn’t make it through the casting call for dick tracy.

Complaints aside, I did like it, it’s pretty rad. A sequel is coming out at some point, it’s in “post-production” right now.

Anyway about T3 I haven’t seen it yet but I have been saying to myself “I ahm a mahsheen!!!” during training.

I saw it. I thought that the acting was really pretty bad, but that the plot was good. It was Taxi Driver-ish (one of my all time favorite movies) but the plot followed an original direction from that movie.

How does it compare to the first 2?
Im not so much into sci-fi and t3 seems more sci-fi then the previous 2.

I just got back from watching the movie and I have to say that it is worth a watch, definetly.

However, it is NOT as good as T2. It was way funnier (some comedy into it from start to end) but the T3 bad-guy or bad-girl I should say, was supposed to be a better killer than the T2 bad-guy and it wasn’t!! The only advantage the T3 bad-girl had over the T2 guy, was that she could control other computers and make them do what they wanted, which was a very small portion of the movie anyway, so definetly T2 movie was a better watch!!

Haven’t seen it yet - but that TX girl - wow!!!

Hey - sorry for changing the subject guys - but hands up who has seen The Boondock Saints?

I have seen the boondock saints.

It’s one of my favourite ‘weird-cult-type films’ - anyone else think so … or am I just twisted?

My buddy got it a while ago. At the time, it was not available here (the US), so he ordered it from Canada. He paid about $50US for it. As soon as it arived, I showed him my copy, which I bought for $4US, on the Bosnian street. He was not happy. Phenomenal (sp?) movie.


Not everything has a computer that can be connected to. The move was faster then the previous one, no time to catch your breath.

Key factor. no Eddie Furlong!

She could shoot plasma bolts and make hereself mechanical! She was so much faster in finding people…and she had breasts that could morph!

I am not saying that the movie wasn’t good or worth a watch in no way was that killer a better assassin that the T2, I mean the T2 killer could liquify and regroup. The T3 girl lost her legs at the end of the movie, how pathetic is that for what was supposed to be a more highly improved killer…NOT!! And, as far as the plasma shooting bolts the arm only lasted half of the movie, not good thing.

But, you’re right about one thing she could make her boobs bigger, definite plus :clap:


Thanks for sharing what happens at the end of the movie w/ us that haven’t watched it yet. I should have skipped reading this thread. D’oh.

Sorry Balance didn’t mean to runi it for ya, I know how you feel, happened to me once. But the title of the thread is T3 you know…hehe

ps. you should still go see it, its worth it


No worries. One day I was watching the Simpsons and in this particular episode it went back to when Homer was courting Marge. They just got out of the Movie Theatre after watching The Third Star Wars Movie?? Anywho, he and Marge are walking out next to the line of people wating to get in to see it next and he says to her “That totally suprised me that Darth Vader was Luke’s Father” Needless to say the people in the line cartoon or not were really upset.
I’ll check it out 2nite.