Tension and Elasticity

If more tension means more elasticity, then would high tension be desirable before a meet? I hope to open this for more indepth discussion, gimmie your thoughts.

Can’t say a lot on this other than my best performance was when I had more stiffness and tightness than what I had at other times.

It’s all about tone and balance between fired and unfired fibre. If you want an in-depth discussion odf this, read Speed Trap, available as a download on the site.

I had heard a number of the Canadian men’s bobsled team would do heavy lifts the night before a competition to create tension (as told to me by my athlete, an Olympic bobsleigh athlete, who doesn’t engage in such silliness). Obviously, they don’t know the difference between “readiness” and “fatigue”.

It all depends on how you arrive at that tension - as indicated by Charlie’s description of muscle tone for competition preparation in Speed Trap. If you are stiff because you are sore and tired from ill advised training or precompetition preparation, this will not result in greater performance. If your muscles have been prepared and are in a state of optimal readiness – through manipulation of work to provide optimal muscle tone – then you will be ready to compete at your best.

This is why long bouts of static stretching prior to explosive competition is contraindicated. But, at the other end of the scale, significant exertions prior to competition may elevate tone to a level where appropriate muscle action is compromised.

Good explanation number two. To add, you don’t want an extremely high amount of tension in the muscle fibers until it is needed (stiffening phase of support). If you have extremely high tonus during the day, well, you are wasting energy. Optimal tonus at all times, maximal tension at GC just prior to COG being in the right spot.

Yes - Velocegatto touches on an important point regarding elevated tone levels throughout the day (or week or longer). I’m assuming this could not only be a danger in terms of injury when you train/compete, but also a significant drain on the CNS. I’m not sure what the full implications would be, but it would be interesting to hear from Pakewi on his experience with Omega wave readings on overtrained athletes.

a good example i have is on myself, i raced last tuesday, had 3 race’s during the day, i went in with my tone down due to massage’s, as i knew i could get through the first round like this.
after that first round my tone was great for the semi and even better for the final. but i think its a very fine line, coz i fely terrible running in the heats but all was good after that

It is more complex than just this,of course,but yes,the status of the musculoskeletal system appears to have a huge influence on brain waves potentials.

One of the major focuses of my current training program is about creating tonus. (Side question; are tonus, tightness, and stiffness all the same thing. I’m not talking about soreness or muscle fatigue rigor mortiss).

If my body remains tight for most of the weak, each weak, does that mean I’m at risk of c.n.s fatigue? I’m doing a very low volume training program though with no max speed work, no OLY lifts and NO powerlifts and few plyometrics so perhaps I am balancing it out.