Whats the difference between a TENS and EMS unit? is TENS of any benifit?
the specific one i am tlaking about is the “comfort-stim”.


I’ve used tens and sure it works, but if I was buying one I’d try and see if I could get a Tens function on an EMS kit.

thats what i though so basically unless i had an injury i would benefit.

My understanding is the same - tens is for pain relief and is used by many therapists for pain relief only.


I’m not an expert, but I believe that TENS is more focused on pain relief. EMS is for building strength.




Any time a stim machine passes a current accross the skin (transcutaneously) it is a TENS machine. Not all TENS machines are EMS machines though. In order for it to be an EMS machine it must elicite a muscular contraction. Some TENS machines do not. For instance transcranial (across the skull) and mirocurrent generators are both TENS machines but neither is an EMS machine. Both can be used as a theraputic modality depending on the regime applyed. I hope this helps.

I was injured for over an year with various injuries so I became very familiar with all the good stuff around the kinesiologists room. TENS rules when you get something like a slight muscle pull, you go into the session, put it on for 15 minutes and it’s like untying a knot, you come out and the slight pull is, voila! - fixed. Lol, I must admit I was an addict to it … ok let me rewind a bit, my original injury was condromalacia pattellae … but this was due to the fact my left quadriceps had atrophied after an year of inactivity … so in my recovery process I would pull my quad every couple of weeks till I finally built up its strength and flexibilty again. This is where the TENS would kick in - quad or hammie or calf pull during my super light bike/running or weights session and right after I’d go in (my kinesio is in a club, so I’d go to the gym right before) have the TENS and come out like new. Damn, I really grew to love that thing, the immediate strained/pulled muscle fix.

when you appplied this to those slight pulls what did the treatment feel like?

A thumping heartbeat to the area or a constant buzz and how intense?

Im still trying to figure out how to use my EMS for recovery.
I dont know what it should feel like.

Originally posted by QUIKAZHELL
[b]when you appplied this to those slight pulls what did the treatment feel like?

A thumping heartbeat to the area or a constant buzz and how intense?

Im still trying to figure out how to use my EMS for recovery.
I dont know what it should feel like. [/b]

It was set to the pulsating buzz … no idea what exact intensity it was marking as I never looked, I wasn’t the one setting the TENS up. Actually it starts as relatively quick pulsating buzz then as the minutes go by you feel the pulse less each time, not sure if it was the TENS malfunction or just how it goes, I remember most of the time we’d slightly increase the intensity mid session or so when it felt it was dying down. Sorry about the lack of exact numbers/intensities … hope this helps. Heh, anyway, I’m sure you’ll notice how intense you can put it, if you go too intense there’s no way you won’t notice it’s too intense :smiley: the main thing is that you have to know how to put the little pads, they have to go in the right place to untie the knot you want untied. When it’s in the right place you’ll feel the muscle in question stretching and contracting alone in the right place.

pulsating buzz… hmmm.
Picture this… i can put it on constant mode. Now picture your resting heartbeat… i can go anywhere form it feeling like a resting heartbeat type pulse action to a very fast heartbeat action all the way to a constant buzz that doesnt stop. After a workout what would be the most benifical to replace massage? A squeezing realxing feeling like a heartbeat or a constant buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

You guys should try an actpuncture guy who attaches a TENS machine to the needles. Studies have shown that it can be up to a 1000 times better results! I would agree.

Squeezing/relaxing pulse

charlie, you like TENS for muscle pulls? what would be the protocol? current, time on/off, etc


thoughts on microcurrent therapy?

Just had some E.M.S treatment (WITH MASSAGE/FRICTION WORK) from a physio on my upper right hamstring, and it completely sorted the injury after.
The treatment was 5 days after the injury occured, and was back into heavy training the day after the treatment with no ill affect.

For overall versatility, I like to use EMS. That way all options are open. I have an article on the subject in the archives.

Why does our athletic trainer pay big bucks for a tens machine? How is it exponentially better than my $40 ems7500 unit? I still don’t get it.

Where did you get an EMS7500 for $40? I’ve looked everywhere online and can only find them for $60 and up.