Tempo Workout Time for 120m on grass

I’m going to do a 2(4x120m) tempo workout on the grass. 50m walk rest = about 45 - 60 sec rest between reps. 120m walk rest between sets. I currently run 100m in 12.2. What time should I run 120m in looking for 65 to 70% of my 100m time.

12.2/100m=.122 .122120=14.64 14.641.35=19.764

Since grass runs are always slower, should I shoot for 20 - 21 sec range??

The reason for the 120’s: that is the distance of running diagonally across a football field including the endzones and 50m is approx the width. I’m looking for something longer than 100m for tempo.

If your doing tempo after a CNS intensive workout, I would actually target 24s with no more then 45s recovery. Being a masters athlete (I’m one myself btw :)), tempo for recovery should be all about that. It may feel easy, but I’ve found it goes a long way to helping me recover. If your doing them for aerobic fitness, then I’d do then in 20-21.

As well, I would increase the volume to at least 1500m for starters (so maybe 2x6x120), and work up to 2000m.

I currently do 20x100m w/30s rec on grass in 20s after CNS work, or 17-18s if I want an aerobic workout.

Hope that helps…


I’m a masters runner, too, and agree with the previous post. I don’t even bother timing my recovery runs for the most – just a spot check here and there. My 100s on grass are typically in the 19-24 area. Sometimes a bit faster or slower, depending on the weather and how I’m feeling. I can see that an aerobic conditioning workout would go faster, but that’s not the point of most tempo runs unless we’re talking about training for the 400 or 800 maybe.

I agree with all above. I also would do 12 x 100 instead of breaking up the set into 2 x 6 reps.