tempo surfaces

WARNING! choose your tempo surfaces wisely.

I was running some barefoot on a field with some clover, then my 2nd toe happened upon a bee. I got stung, and the swelling was mildly annoying for 3 days.

Don’t let this happen to you!!!

Always check the surface, especially if you’re training barefoot! (I don’t know if you can guarantee you won’t get stung when running barefoot though)

make sure whatever grass you train on, that it is level! i have rolled ankles very painfully on uneveness hidden under the grass…

Not in my town!

i have since discovered that rather than go to my school, the park behind my house is much more even and takes about 30 seconds to get to…
my only problem is that i tense up in anticipation of injury.

Remember the to visualize the positive…what the mind believes…be positive.

it’s more of a protective response when running barefoot… not running on grass per se.

Grass isn’t bad Clemson, but I run on water on the still lake in the morning, just beside my apartment … nice and smooth.
Can’t beat it.

Running bare foot is very dangerous for your joints especially on UNEVEN surfaces. An athletes body is very tender. Imagine the impact your joints take without sneakers. (I dont care is saed boswiggy ran a marthon with barefeet. He doesnt sprint or squat…and as far as im concern that was stupid). And imagine the impact they take without sneakers on uneven surfaces. The improper angles which can lead to much bigger problems. I am a firm believer in doing tempo on even surfaces with proper footwear. The foot strike can be disrupted otherwise causing uneeded stress on other parts of the body. Even poor running sneakers can disrupt proper footstrike. Look at doctors who specialize in footwear and see what they say. I dont believe in training on Fields. grass, sand barefoot. It does not make any sesne whatsoever. Doc is a firm believer in this also.

point is taken, although i’ve come to feel that doing low-intensity strides barefoot in grass is helpful in developing/strengthening joints of the foot, not necessarily doing damage.

i definitely wouldn’t elect to do an entire tempo run or a faster workout without proper support.

There are many things that can be done barefoot- if the right conditions are there. Ashford did a lot of drills barefoot, which, I believe contributed to her terrific extention.

how would that effect extension? Also how long did you train barefoot for during the year?

How did paleolithic man handle running barefoot? Nikes were invented only 30 years ago!

Now the people with no shoes MAKE the Nikes.

i wrote a speech about that once…
and boycotted nike for a long time, until i found the perfect pair of training shoes which happened to be nike!
no wonder i’m advocating barefoot training :smiley:

the Paleolithic mans lifespan was also what less than 20 years? :wink:

Great point Quick…

(1) Cite the research

(2) Explain why

(3) make a point about how this relates to tempo running barefoot

I guess the running on the ground killed them off! After the invention of sneakers man is living longer!

I dunno, Encino Man looked pretty fit at the prom.

erase me rupert.