tempo shoes

Any recommendations for shoes to wear for tempo work? Cross trainers vs. regular running shoes vs. track flats? Japanese shoes vs. Nike? Do I want cushioning? Heavy vs. light weight? Ive just started this stuff and my beat up Nikes arent helping my feet and lower extremities any. I’m 6’1 190lbs if that factors into wear and tear.
I dont have track spikes on me either (not a track athlete, more football/bball), so for the sprint work, would it be better to do it on grass with cleats? Or should I find a shoe that can serve for both tempo and sprints. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I personally like doing tempo barefoot. It feels great and you can’t beat the cost.

I also like doing tempo barefoot on grass when I can find a nice field. Failing that, the next best thing I have found is using the Nike Free shoes for tempo. They are light and flexible, so are close to running barefoot but provide protection from glass, sticks, etc.

Personally, I think you should be able to do tempo with minimally cushioned shoes or no shoes if you are doing the tempo on grass. If your body can’t handle it without tearing down (shin splints, etc), then drop the volume (and perhaps the intensity) and build up slowly to greater volumes.

For sprint work, where the goal is SPEED, get some good spikes and work on the track. That way you can maximize speed development and build a speed reserve for the field.

xlr8 or anyone,
do you think these would be some ok spikes?


original price doesnt seem too crazy so theyre probably not turbo-powered spikes or anything but I dont do track, so only the bare minimum will be required here.

They are probably ok for your purposes. Note that they are middle distance, not sprint, spikes.

Nike Free as Xlr8 said or a very light but good pair of runners.

Just did tempo barefoot for the first time. The problem is the field I use isn’t too grassy. Pretty hard with patches of dirt and its uneven in spots. My feet feel like they have lil particles of glass in them or something. If Im being a pussy just let me know. Im not so sure I wanna hit up the Nike Frees yet, as they are around 90 bucks and I think I might try these water shoes i have. Theyre lightweight, flexible, and and have just enough covering so my feet dont get cut up. Tempo work is still quite cool though. I was having trouble last week with doing 100s with walkback rest for 8 reps. Today, I did 16 with like 10 second rest between the last 4-5 reps.

Anyone ever tried water shoes for tempo work?