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new to the board, what are tempo runs?

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Tempo is runs up to 300m at 65-75% of best time over a given distance.

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I was thinking about Tempo runs and the response it has. I think tempo work is only effective if long warm-ups are used. And your adrenals are fresh. Case study.

I have an athlete that does two tempo sessions a day to split the work in half.

If he does 10 x 100y with 30 seconds rest this workout takes 8 minutes. 8 minutes of Cardio? I am a little confused why I prescribed it. Writing this down on paper looks like nothing. But with a long warm-up of 30-45 minutes of various movements with long breaks to talk about rims or women can be part of the low intensity work. Ideas or comments.

As a matter of fact that’s what I did yesterday (without talking about rims or women). Usually, I don’t do much of a warm-up for tempo (just some core work to begin heating up the body), since the tempo work itself isn’t run much harder than a warm-up intensity. Yesterday, I decided to add a reduced version of my speed day warm-up, which still took about 35 mins. I ended up moving to the pool after the warm-up because my lower legs were too sore to run, but the difference in overall energy expenditure from adding the warm-up was pretty significant. In addition to preparing the body for the workout, I fully agree that long warm-ups contribute to general fitness, even if the warm-up is low density. If I remember correctly, Bompa makes this point in Theory and Methodology of Training.

As a follow up point, I realized that my warm-ups on speed days were longer and more demanding than my tempo workouts and that I would get a better workout on tempo days just doing the speed day warm-ups versus the tempo circuit by itself.

I usually have two components to my speed day warm-ups. Warm-up 1 takes about 40-45 mintes and is the general low intensity portion (jogging, stretching, core work, technqiue drills), and Warm-up 2 takes about 15 min and consists of warm-up accelerations in spikes (30-50m). I decided to structure the tempo workouts like an extended speed day warm-up, with the tempo circuit replacing the Warm-up 2 accelerations.

Charlie or Clemson, does this make sense?

talking about length of warmup or speed days, i became curious. I have the same warmup regardless. My warmup could last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. It all depends. The day of a meet i stretch the warm up out. My coach used to tell me to warmup right until my race. I saw this wore me out. So i stretched out my warmpup and just stayed lose ten minutes prior to race time. Any comments?

Are you going to include dynamic stretching in warmup 1 before tempo? Also, what technique drills do you do?

My warm up is the same on track. My pool sessions require a warm up. Something I will need to work on.


My warm-up stretches are static and easy. I use them at regular intervals during the warmup to test range. As I get warmer, the range increases. As far as dynamic stretching is concerned, the techniques drills themselves have a significant dynamic flexibility component. I usually do butt kicks, A skips, B skips and A runs. I don’t do any dynamic stretches per se.

I don’t do any stretching during running warm up per se. Bodyweight exercises and drills as well as mobility work (eg arm swings).

I will add easy strecthing if I am particularly tight - but it seems to go after warmup.

I do stretching on hips, lower back area after warm up. But not much.

Did’nt Charlie’s tempo days include low intensity med ball and some general strength(pushups, situps)?
I would think a tempo session of only 10x100 would be a waste of time. If my running volume was that low in my tempo session I would add a lot of general strength execises. I like some of Dan’s stuff, think they go well with a low volume tempo session.

theone can you elaborate on what Dan Paif does or where I can find about what he does? I’m curoius to know what some of his warm-up and conditioning stuff is.Thanks

Originally posted by Terminator2
theone can you elaborate on what Dan Paif does or where I can find about what he does? I’m curoius to know what some of his warm-up and conditioning stuff is.Thanks


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RE: med ball
I use the med ball for my ab exercises (v situps, russian twists). I fold the ab work into the warm up in sets of 120 (4 exercises x 30 reps). 360 reps on speed days, 600 on tempo.

Thanks theone, Does anyone know how to do Yogis-Hamstring Dev. exercise?That exercise was listed on http://www.drtrack.com/CoachingEducation/SpecificStrength.shtml