Tempo Question - Newbie Question

what does the tempo number mean for eg 5010 or 501 Tempo?
what does the 50 or the 10 stand for?

sorry its late, i`m just not seeing what it means!:help:

remy, that has nothing to do with tempo running. It refers to lifting tempo and was developed by Ian King. The first number refers to the number of seconds to lower a weight, the second number refers to the length of the pause (if any), and the third is the time to lift the weight. The fourth number is the rest (if any) between reps (which was not part of Ian’s original system). So 5010 would mean lower the weight in five seconds (which is pretty slow) and then try to lift it in about one second with no pause.

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for eg

Day 1 - Gastroc Dominant Day

On this day, the gastrocnemius will be trained with fairly high volume, using low reps and heavy weight. The soleus will receive low overall volume, although the reps per set will be quite high.

A1) Calf Raise in Leg Press, Medium Foot Spacing

Sets: 6

Reps: 4

Tempo: 2113

its seems more like what tempo the music should be playing at haha!:sing:

I don’t know. Where did you see that?