Tempo on the bike????


I was wanting to ask, is it possible to do TEMPO work on a bike? Obviously the distances would change?? Just wondering how i’d do the same (equivilent) session that i viewed on the GPP DVD on the bike. It’s just that i’m trying to get them off their feet for a short time and change it around without changing the composition or losing the effect of the TEMPO run sessions.

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Depends how much you want from your tempo work.

Bikes impose the mechanics upon You. I’m not a fan.
Some bike work would be ok, especially if you just want them to sweat.

But most people would seek something more specific from their tempo sessions; an easy, flowing, rhythmic movement sustained in the basic running motor pattern for starters.

If you want to get them off their feet, stick them in a deepwater pool and look for some options there.

It’s great for general endurance because you can easily generate a high amount of “lactic acid” just by running on the spot (with or without a bouyancy vest).

I consider biking as “tempo of the last resort,” only using it when other options are not possible (extreme cold or rain) or as supplemental. When used, I like to keep the resistance moderate so it doesn’t become a strength exercise. Typically, go 20 seconds hard and 40 seconds easy for 10 to 20 minutes.

Having said that, I’d still rather get outside and run on grass for tempo work, which is not a problem most of the time.