Tempo Intervals for Football

What would be a good distance to start off with for tempo intervals and how many total yards per session should I do? (I"m a college football wide receiver)

considering i don’t know anything else about your training, 15x100m per session at 65-75%.

CCardill this is our setup: I wanted to do tempo on Saturday to get some of the lactic acid out of my legs.

Here is our setup for the next eleven weeks:
(Running is on Tuesday/ Thursday)

Power Clean- Cycle
Squats (light)- 4x10
Bench Press- Cycle
Pullups- 3x10
Incline DB Press-4x8
Close Grip Bench- 3x8
Neck Exercises

Hang Snatch- 4x6
Squat- Cycle
Clean Pulls- 4x6
Incline Barbell Press- 4x10
Stiff- legged dealifts- 3x8
Dumbbell Flat Bench Press- 4x8
Tricep Pushdowns- 4x10
Dumbell Curls- 3x10

Push Jerk- Cycle
Hang Cleans-4x6
Bench Press- 4x6
Lat Pulldowns- 3x10
Hammer Bench-4x5
Bar Curls-3x8
Neck Exercises

can you be more specific regarding the running portion?

The running days consist of warmup drills (high knees butt kicks, and bounding), speed intervals (20yds, 40yds and 60yds) and conditioning (110s). However our new coach is taking over these new days. We will be doing the same things but without the 110s which are replaced with stadium steps.

so 5 high intensity days…

on saturday, i would start out at 10 x 100m and then work your way up to between 15-18 reps. you can also do some low intensity med ball work and ab work in the same session.

also, make sure on the weekdays you are stretching (seperate session from weight training) for at least 20-30 min because that will assist with recovery as well.

Thanks for the help. How much rest should have between each run?

walk back the 100m that you just ran…about 30-45s.

LOL, you must be a pretty fast walker! I find it takes me 75s to get back to the start line (more towards the end of a hard workout).