tempo in the water

Hi to all of you.
I was thinking the other day if you can practise tempo workout in the pool.
Someone have done it? Could you give me some “tips”?
Thanks in advance.

Google (rather than using the site search engine) something like Charlie Francis, pool tempo, Dr. Doug Clement or some combination of those. I know it’s in somewhere within the archives.

If I recall correctly, it’s approx. 2 x 10 x 45" on/15" off then approx. a 5-10’ break between sets (I typically use a 3-5’ break). It’s in place running in water chest to neck deep.

I’ve had 400/800 people go up to 3 sets of that type of work.

Also, whoever’s doing the session needs to undertake it as attempting to achieve the same training effect as tempo. I had a few girls doing this recently but both said they did not feel it was as challenging as tempo to which I said it will be if you run in place with enough intensity. Definitely not at a sprint speed but the athlete needs to get the arms and legs moving to some degree. I think it’s similar to bike tempo in that though you provide guidelines to conducting the session, the athlete needs to keep in mind how tempo feels in terms of exertion when trying to find a suitable way of substituting for it.

Many moons ago CF posted but I can’t find the thread just my notes:

Another example of a soft surface is the pool. Again, you can do some great lactic anaerobic system development with a lower level of CNS stress, hence greater volume. You just end up tired, but not fried.

CF: You could do tempo work in the pool. It’s great for overall fitness and it won’t kill your legs. In the pool, run on the spot for 45sec with 15sec rest for 2 sets of 10, with a 10min stretch break between sets. You can hit between 110 and 130 steps/45sec interval (make sure you get good extension)
Not my idea. Actually Dr Doug Clement gave me the suggestion of the formula for water work many years ago- multiply the rep time by 50% over land work and reduce the recovery times by 50% also- hence the rep times described.

  • As Charlie states, this kind of work places a lot of stress on the hip-flexors, not ideal for quad rehab!

If you have access to a lap pool, why not just swim some easy laps instead and really distribute the work over the whole body? Less worry about hip flexor overwork.

Molly Killingbeck spent 6 weeks running in the pool before coming out breaking her 400 meter record at the Commonwealth games.
Running in the pool feels different than tempo so don’t let a novice tell you water tempo is not as good. Remember there is more than one way to achieve training goals. If you are injured taking time off is the kiss of death so learning about the training components of your event and how to work around an injury becomes essential.
90 touches or steps is easy, 120 medium and anything above 130 consistently starts getting tough to repeat for one set of 10 sets in the pool let alone 2 sets.

Why not swim lengths , run a set of 10 in the pool, swim lengths, run another set in the pool?
How about adding drills in the pool to?
How about swim lengths for warmup.
Power speed in the pool with 1/2 recovery you do on grass
x lengths
10 x pool
x lengths
10 x pool.

That workout can be equal to 2 sets of 10 x 100 meter for anyone who is experienced.
Most can do the warm up with one x 100meters.
200 meter people and up can do more than 2 sets for sure but the swimming kicks their butt.
Pool does not have to be intense to begin. The pool will be great even if the quality does not equal work done on grass.

Check out (the Jane Project) Dvd.

Like someone I knew very well used to say…
People ignore stuff that is too simple.

Cause it’s not sexy! People want sexy in their training. I just did a bike workout with a few cross country girls with some minor injury soreness issues, and their comment was “that kicked out ass”. The running workout was 6x800m with 200m jog recovery. The bike equivalent was 3 minutes at 130 rpm, 1 minute easy x 10 sets. They could do it but was very challenged. With a little trial and error you can create stimulus for any regular training session.

Jane Project, the Bike Tempo and the Basement tempo downloads are great tools for those new to the forum. The concepts can be adapted as needed.

thank you fo rthe answers.I personally agree with flash but, after reading Angela and others comment I start thinking that there’s “other” way to reach the mountain! :wink:
Thank you for the input.