Tempo in the pool

Should the difference in running form in the pool compared to the ground be considered a problem. Could running in the pool hurt your running form on the track?

No. In fact, form isn’t much of an issue during tempo running either.

Ever heard someone say
Practice makes perfect? not always
Charlie has said many times
Practice makes permanent. If running is not performed properly you will be repeating errors and it changes the nature of what you are doing whether you are in the pool or on land.

I was taught, perfect practice makes perfect.

perfect practice repeated makes perfect permanent…phew! :wink:

My problem with pool running is that the flexors of the hips are loaded and not the prime movers. This makes HR (tempo work) very ineffective. As a swim coach this may seem biased, but leave the swimming for swimmers. I think general body movements is far more effective and will prevent boredom.

Swimming? What swimming? :slight_smile:

Variety is good and needed at times.

I am sure you’ll agree that there is a tonn of stuff besides water running that an athlete can do in a pool to facilitate recovery and general endurance, and that they don’t need to be good swimmers to do so.

When my athlete’s legs seem tight and overworked, I send them to the pool instead of to a running tempo workout, but I don’t substitute grass work for pool work when it isn’t necessary.

Running in the pool isn’t going to effect how an athlete runs on land to any significant degree. There is no possible way to mimic land sprinting in the pool and if practice makes permanent, then you would have to scrap the pool work altogether.

i think pool swimming works just fine for me…i can get a decent workout in for tempo…it doesnt always have to be running…

during todays workout i did what ive been doing for a couple days and thats where i hold my breath as i swim for as long as i can…
cool stuff…supposed to help my endurance and lung capacity…

check this: