Tempo for Work Capacity...for Duxx and Others

IS GOOD… Tempo for soccer (tempo progression via decreasing recovery time with standardized pace and total volume, ie 2x5x200s) for general aerobic conditioning [work capacity] :confused:

Depends on the level. For higher levels, you need more volume first, then I would decrease rest.

Once my higher level players get to 2x big circuit, we cut rest from walk across the field to walk 3/4 field, then walk 1/2 field, all while keeping pace the same.

You need to put thing into context. Do they play small sided games and how much, how much techical work they perform?

For aerobic power the following components should be implemented IMHO

  1. Medium intensity prolonged aerobic work (130-150/160bpm for 30-90min even longer). This is usually the soccer practice. This will develop capilaries, stroke volume, mitochondrial, etc

  2. Aerobic Power Intervals, done near vVO2max (HR 95-100%), for about 3-5 minutes with 1:1 recovery or 1:2 work/rest recovery. This can be done in form of Veronique Billat 15/15 and 30/30 and Hoff’s 4x4 w/3min rest. This component can be small sided games too, like 3v3 and 4v4 or longer track/grass intervals. This will improve stroke volume

  3. Repetitions done above vVO2max, and this would be extensive tempo work. This should improve capilarization of FT fibers, their aerobic capacity and improve recovery between bursts. HR can go up high up to 90% I guess depending on the organization of the practice. I got my new Polar and will be checking HRs in tempo on me soon. First I need to check my max HR in a week. I’ll post my data.

I am not so sure about threshold method (extensive intervals done at LT, about 170-180HR, for 20-30min), but I uess the normal 10v10 falls into this category.

My point here is to see what is already done in soccer practice and plan starting from that point.

Anyway, when you emphasise aerobic power, I would include 2 tempo sessions and 2 aerobic power sessions (15/15 or 4x4min), after that I would use tempo to maintain.

I have used tempo ONLY (later we did SSG - small sided games directed at improving aerobic power) to prepare one club. But, now I would include more aerobic work. Aerobic work has a bad rap these days and it doesn’t need to have it. If you orginize the components with common sense (which is not so common :slight_smile: ) then you will be ok.

You can check the following books for general aerobic power development:

  1. Better training for distance runners by Jack Daniels (yes, like whiskey :))
  2. Cutting edge runner by Matt Fitzgerald
  3. The Runner’s Edge by Stephen McGregor

As for SSG as conditioning I would check articles by Little*, Gabbett, Gamble, Rampinini, Sassi, etc, etc

Hope this helps

That is a good tip I guess

Duxx and for player of futsal?

Duxx, Please explain what your recommendations below are exactly, is it 15 sec on/15 rest? 4 minutes on/ 4 rest?

“This can be done in form of Veronique Billat 15/15 and 30/30 and Hoff’s 4x4 w/3min rest.”


Is good 6x400mt in preSeason for futsal?
progression:2 minuts and 30 seconds(1th week)…to a 1’and 40" after 3-4 weeks???

A friend of mine works in the best futsal club in Serbia, and he mentioned me once that the approach to conditioning for futsal is very simmilar to ice hockey. Compared to soccer futsal need more glicolytic power/capacity, and practically that would include more intensive tempo work, maybe more RSA work and other glycolitic/lactate (oxygen independent glycolisis) intervals.

This is from another forum

Is ok a day RSA work …and other 6x400mt in preSeason for futsal?
progression:rest between 400 mt. 2 minuts and 30 seconds(1th week)…to a 1’and 40" after 3-4 weeks???

My recommendations are off-season only with little to no playing/practice.

In-season would be a balance to get the desired tempo volume


Is most of your vVO2max training based upon research by Veronique Billat?


It is rather a blend between couple of methods, but generally yes. I am more performance/velocity oriented and Billat’s work is a nice contribution to this. We don’t do only 15/15, 30/30. It is a tool that can be used depending on the context, time of the year, other training etc, etc. But it is a good method.

any conflict between the development of aerobic power and sprinting performance?

The research says there is if I am correct, but you need both in soccer. This also depends on the methods utilized. Smart training organization, and smart methods should minimize this negative transfer.

Using tempo and CF’s style speed work lead to increased speed and increased aerobic ability in my athletes.

You may have on strength, but not on speed, as others have said.