Tempo for upper body

I am searching a way I could do sort of Tempo for upper body.

I was wondering if some BW circuit were enough.

Something like 3x all circuit 30 sec per events 5 min between circuit

Push Up
Chin Up
Handstand push-up
Rope Climbing

between sets of tempo runs he has athletes perform push ups and other bodyweight exercises. As well it hink they are done in the warm up, one thing I do is put on socks then drag myself with my arms up and down the floor. As well the day before an off day he perscribed burning out on upper body exercises.

I think the ideas posted above are good, but I was wondering if anyone had use of a PowerWheel, I was thinking that it could be used as upper body tempo for recovery…it is not the same but I was thinking it may be somewhat like sled dragging for the upper body??? Any suggestion would be apreciated as to wether or not this comparison is moronic… :confused:

incase you do not know, a power wheel is a wheel that you strap to you feet and you can crawl all around the place like an idiot